Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 Preview

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Stage 1

The center of things at FFF is Stage 1, which features not just some top indie-rock acts but also some variety.  The only problem – expect the crowds to be thick from early on:

Day 1, November 8th

8:40 PM: The National – So up-and-coming that they’re pretty much already there, Brooklyn’s The National hit it big last year with Boxer (QRO album review) – and again this year with The Virginia EP (QRO review).  An impressive and much-in-demand act (QRO live review), their raw emotional power and strong discography makes for an amazing performance, whether at a wedding reception or in the great outdoors (QRO photos).

7:35 PM: Atmosphere – One of the most successful independent hip-hop acts out there, the duo of Slug & Ant have been putting it together for fifteen years now, up to this year’s awesomely-titled When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.

6:30 PM: Deerhoof – A band that’s always hard to peg down, the prolific San Francisco act (QRO photos), led by the unmistakable Satomi Matsuzaki, comes out with their latest, Offend Maggie, only a month before FFF, so look for a healthy selection of new material at the fest.

5:40 PM: Rival Schools – The New York hardcore ‘supergroup’ left a mark in 1999 with United By Fate, only to break up soon after.  But this summer, the band has reunited and hit the road – all the while working on new material for the long-awaited sophomore LP.  Even Stage 1 gets its own punk rock reunion…

4:50 PM: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Austin’s own indie-rock veterans (QRO photos) return home – right where they belong.  Currently working on a new record, Trail of Dead always bring it live (QRO live review), but expect something extra for the hometown fans.

4:00 PM: Black Heart Procession – Formed by Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel of Three Mile Pilot over a decade ago, this San Diego indie-rock act recently returned to play at U.K.’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival (thanks to an invite by The Melvins), and are keeping that up, back in the States. 

3:20 PM: Bishop Allen – Another band that only sounds sweeter outside (QRO live review), Justin Rice (QRO interview) and Christian Rudder (QRO photos) summed up their audacious ‘12 EPs in 12 months’ last year with The Broken String (QRO album review), and will be bringing that, new material, and more to FFF.

Also appearing
2:45 PM: Centro-matic
2:10 PM: Parts & Labor (QRO album review)
1:35 PM: Colourmusic (QRO album review)
1:00 PM: Experimental Dental School
12:25 PM: Paul Green School of Rock

The National



Rival Schools

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

Black Heart Procession

Bishop Allen

Day 2, November 9th

8:40 PM: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – At the top of the ticket on the first stage is the ever-inventive Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  Rejecting the mainstream not just in sound but also in business, CYHSY self-released their sophomore record, Some Loud Thunder (QRO review) to critical and commercial acclaim.  But this band is best known for their electric live shows (QRO live review), with their loyal fans bringing the house down every time.

7:35 PM: Minus the Bear – The Seattle-based Minus the Bear (QRO photos) have been combining rock with intricate electronics, most recently with last year’s Planet of Ice – making them a perfect act for the multi-genre Fun Fun Fun Fest.

6:30 PM: St. Vincent – The one-and-only Annie Clark (QRO interview) serenades her home stage of Texas.  After making 2007 her break-out year, both as part of The Polyphonic Spree on The Fragile Army (QRO review) and with her own debut as St. Vincent, Marry Me (QRO album review), Clark looks to make 2008 even better.  Be prepared to be surprised by Clark’s winning humor live (QRO live review), as well as her stable of new songs – in the outdoors (QRO live review, outside & new).

5:40 PM: Black Angels – Day Two isn’t missing locals on Stage 1, as Austin’s own Black Angels bring their psychedelic rock back, after touring on this year’s sophomore release, Directions to See a Ghost.

4:50 PM: Islands – Because no self-respecting indie music festival is complete without an act from north-of-the-border, Montreal’s Islands fly south for warmer climes as winter comes.  The tropical sounds of Arm’s Way (QRO album review) will only play better when the band’s in the sunshine (QRO photos).

4:00 PM: Annuals – This group exploded when Sedona’s keyboardist Adam Baker (QRO interview) put together Be He Me – and the band put together a much-heralded live show (QRO live review).  After having rearranged their line-up yet again, with another new name, Sunfold, first on the split Annuals/Sunfold Wet Zoo 7” (QRO review), then putting out Sunfold’s own Toy Tugboats (QRO review), and now back to Annuals with recent sophomore release Such Fun (QRO review) Annuals return this year to the great outdoors (QRO photos).

3:20 PM: Spinto Band – ‘Cause even Delaware rocks, Wilmington’s Spinto Band (QRO photos) brings their upbeat, sixties shine to Stage 1.

Also appearing
2:45 PM: Frightened Rabbit
2:10 PM: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears
1:35 PM: 27
1:00 PM: Til We’re Blue or Destroy
12:25 Ume

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Minus the Bear

St. Vincent

Black Angels



Spinto Band

Stage 2

The newest addition to the Fun, Stage 2 will feature a wide range of artists – from punk to comedy – in an intimate locale, something that sets FFF apart from other festivals:

Day 1, November 8th

8:45 PM: Neil Hamburger – Still sometimes called "the world’s ‘worst’ stand-up comedian", Neil Hamburger has nevertheless built up a huge cult following, especially in music circles, from opening for Tenacious D to his recent album of country and western originals – done in ‘celebrity vocals’ – backed by Todd Rungren’s band.

7:45 PM: Tim Fite – The New Jersey singer/songwriter is known for his wide variety of song styles, and an engaging live show (QRO photos).

6:45 PM: Magnetic Morning – This new duo is made up of Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) and Sam Fogarino (Interpol – QRO album review), who came out with their first release, The Setting Suns EP, earlier this year.

Also appearing – 
5:30 PM: Coldtowne Comedy Hour
4:35 PM: Golden Arm Trio
3:40 PM: Pepi Ginsberg
3:00 PM: Walter Schreifels
2:20 PM: El Paso Hot Button
1:40 PM: David Dondero
1:00 PM: Frank Smith
12:30 PM: Grampall Jookabox

Neil Hamburger

Tim Fite

Magnetic Morning

Day 2, November 9th

8:45 PM: Tim and Eric Awesome Show – Out of the ashes of the hilariously deadpan absurdist Tom Goes to the Mayor on Adult Swim came the even more deadpanly absurdist (and live-action…) Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.  And now Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim bring ‘Channel 5 Married News Team’, Cinco Corporation, ‘Uncles Muscles Hour’ and more out of the TV set and onto the stage…

7:45 PM: The Cynics – Throwing back to the past is Pittsburgh’s Cynics, whose garage-rock styles have been going on for more than twenty years.

7:10 PM: Ugly Beats – Bringing the local to Stage 2 on Day 2 is "The most logical 21st-century heir to the Sixties garage rock explosion in Texas" (The Austin Chronicle), Ugly Beats.

5:35 PM: Matt Bearden, Chris Fairbanks, Dragon Boy Suede – Stand-up comedy returns with Austin’s own Matt Bearden, Reality Bites Back‘s Chris Fairbanks, and the electic and amazing Dragon Boy Suede.

3:00 PM: The Revival Tour featuring Chuck Ragan, Tom Gabel, Ben Nichols & Tim Barry – Taking their friendship to the next level, Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music – QRO photos), Tim Barry (Avail), and Ben Nichols (Lucero) are doing their own ‘Revival Tour’, with solo sets and backing each other – and will be helped out at FFF by Against Me!’s Tom Gabel.

2:20 PM: Kevin Seconds – The frontman/lyricist for the influential eighties punk band 7 Seconds also helped found the ‘Straight Edge’ movement.  Since 1990, this Sacramento native has been putting out solo projects under a variety of names.

Also appearing
1:35 PM: Altercation Punk Rock Comedy Hour
12:30 PM: Spot & Albert

Tim and Eric Awesome Show

The Cynics

Ugly Beats

Dragon Boy Suede

Revival Tour

Kevin Seconds

Stage 3

Punk’s not dead – it’s back from the dead, at Stage 3.  A whole host of legendary eighties and nineties punk rock acts bring their blistering sound to FFF – many of them in the midst, or even just starting, reunions:

Day 1, November 8th

8:45 PM: The Dead Milkmen – The definition of humorous punk, The Dead Milkmen will be playing their first show since the 2004 benefit/memorial for bassist Dave Schulthise, and only their second since breaking up in 1995 – and this is their only show, so expect many “Punk Rock Girl”s – and boys.

7:50 PM: ALL – Descended from the equally influential Descendants, these eighties punks have been quiet recently, but Allroy is coming steaming back this fall, so watch out.

7:00 PM: Integrity – One of the first bands to combine heavy metal and punk, this act of the rock ‘n’ roll mecca of Cleveland, Ohio has never broken up in their twenty year history, with a new record coming out this year.  What’s more, their appearance at FFF is their only in North America this year…

6:10 PM: The Adolescents – Another California punk rock act that’s reunited relatively recently, The Adolescents are something of a supergroup, featuring members of Agent Orange and Social Distortion, but a sound all their own as the group passes twenty…

Also appearing
5:20 PM: Municipal Waste
4:30 PM: Killdozer
3:40 PM: Swingin’ Utters
3:05 PM: Young Widows
2:30 PM: krumbums
1:55 PM: Broken Gold
1:20 PM: Mammoth Grinder
12:45 PM: Yuppie Pricks

The Dead Milkmen - circa 1988



The Adolescents


Day 2, November 9th

8:45 PM: Bad Brains – The original ‘seminal D.C. hardcore band’, they combined not just punk but jazz-fusion and even reggae (and are the go-to answer whenever anyone says there ain’t no African-Americans in punk rock).  They’ve broken up and reunited many times, most recently for last year’s Build a Nation – so catch ‘em while you can…

7:40 PM: Bouncing Souls – New Brunswick, NJ’s own icons were at the forefront of the punk revival in the early nineties, and have stuck around long enough to enjoy ‘elder statesman’ status among today’s young punks.  Not that ‘elder’ is a word one would associate with the hyper, kinetic act’s live show.

Also appearing
6:50 PM: Cro-Mags (jam)
6:00 PM: Scared of Chaka
5:10 PM: DOA
4:35 PM: High Tension Wires
3:45 PM: Leftover Crack
3:10 PM: Trash Talk
2:35 PM: Cute Lepers
2:00 PM: Bitter End
1:20 PM: Camp X-Ray
12:45 PM: Born to Lose

Bad Brains

Bouncing Souls


Stage 4

Don’t worry – ya’ll can still get your dance on at FFF, which has you covered at Stage 4, thanks to a host of booty-shakin’ acts:

Day 1, November 8th

8:10 PM: Z-Trip – One of the most sought-after DJs out there, the Phoenix native recently played for the troops at Camp Buehring in Kuwait – so you know he likes the heat…

7:00 PM: Dan Deacon – A man of many hats, Dan Deacon is known for combining all sorts of electronic sounds, including sine waves and Woody Woodpecker – along with a visual projection show that’s been featured in the Whitney Museum, The Getty, and more.  Bromst, his follow-up to last year’s breakthrough Spiderman of the Rings, comes out this fall.

6:00 PM: Brownout! – The alter-ego of local legends Grupo Fantasma (see below), Brownout! recently defeated ‘themselves’ to win the 2008 Austin Music Award for ‘Best Latin Contemporary’.

5:00 PM: YACHT – One-half of The Blow, Jona Bechtolt is making even more of a name on his own as YACHT, most recently with last year’s I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real (QRO review).  But it’s his exciting live shows that are really breaking him through (QRO live review), featuring whole songs done from amongst the crowd, question-and-answer sessions – and his own signature dance style… 

4:00 PM: Octopus Project – Another local favorite keepin’ Austin weird, Octopus Project bring a refreshing élan to post-rock electronica.  They’re also known for their wide range of instruments (and the fact that everyone seems to switch around what they’re playing each time), from guitar to theremin.  And they bring come class whenever playing outdoors (QRO photos), thanks to their suit & ties – and the Yvonne Lambert’s ballroom gowns.

Also appearing
3:00 PM: Hawnay Troof
2:00 PM: Dengue Fever (QRO album review)
1:30 PM: Terp 2 It
12:30 PM: Richard Henry


Dan Deacon



Octopus Project

Day 2, November 9th

8:45 PM: Clipse – The Virginia-based hip-hop duo have done it all – hit #1, collaborated with everybody who’s anybody, major label deals (including signing with Columbia last year), and a new record dropping this fall.

7:30 PM: Grupo Fantasma – Bringing some local spice to Stage 4 is Austin’s own 11-piece latin funk orchestra, Grupo Fantasma.  Legends in their hometown, from providing horns to Austin’s big-and-getting-bigger Spoon (QRO live review) to appearing twice on Austin City Limits (QRO Indie on Late Night TV), all you out-of-towners better be prepared for the crowd to be packed.

Also appearing
6:30 PM: Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon
5:25 PM: Franki Chan
4:25 PM: The Toxic Avenger
3:25 PM:  J*davey
2:10 PM: Starlynx/Bigface
1:35 PM: Zeale & Phranchyze
12:30 PM: Shane Tyson


Grupo Fantasma



Fun Fun Fun Fest also has three nights of after-parties (starting the night before), featuring local Austin acts – and discounts for FFF wristband-holders:


Friday, November 7th:

Mohawk: Austinist’s ‘Local Music Is Sexy’ party with Brothers & Sisters, Foot Patrol, Lovely Sparrows, Leatherbag, Eastern Sea, & secret guest (free, 21+)

Deville: Waxploitation Party ($5, 21+)

Red 7: Keelhaul, Red X Red M, roller, rat king, Sista Sekunden, Hatred Surge, Blunt Force Trauma, & secret guest ($10, all ages)

Beauty Bar: Southern Comfort party with Young Love, LAX, & Visitors ($10, 21+)

Flipnotics: Brian Birdwell (QRO album review) (free, all ages)

Saturday, November 8th:

Deville: Peligrosa Sound System with Trey Lopez, Orion ($5/free with wristband)

Mohawk: White Denim, Dead Confederate (QRO album review), Apollo Sunshine (QRO album review), Diagonals, Kit, & Flying ($10/$5 with wristband)

Beauty Bar: Devlin & Darko, Big Black Smoke, Scorpion Child, tba ($10/$5 with wristband)

Red 7: Recover, Consider the Source, Pack of Wolves, Lipstick Terror, At All Cost, The Jonbenet, & Rory and the Artificial Heart ($10/$5 with wristband)

Sunday, November 9th:

Mohawk: Girl in Coma, Bitch & the Exciting Conclusion, & Mocktigers ($10/$5 with wristband)

Red 7: Drag the River, Wizards Warlocks & Wheeler, Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Best, & special guest ($10/$5 with wristband)

Beauty Bar: Kutmasta Kurt & Richard Henry ($5/free with wristband)


Public Transportation Notice: Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091, which represents most of Austin’s bus operators and mechanics, is on strike.  The bus service, Capital Metro, will be operating on a reduced level of service, from 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

On a brighter note, during the strike, no fare will be charged.

For further information, click here:


For festival’s website, click here:


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