The Orb Tour Preview

25 years of The Orb!...
The Orb Tour Preview

The Orb Tour Preview

25 years of The Orb!

The legendary electronic act are playing select dates as warm up shows in front of a few hundred people, before heading on their way down to the mammoth gathering of Glastonbury Festival, which will see 250,000 descend on the ancient small south west town of under 9,000.  Glastonbury is a town steeped in spiritual pilgrimage and if either listening to Alex Patterson and Thomas Fehlmann mix of ambient dub mixes at home through headphones or in a massive field with other people ‘right up for it’, the experience is sacred.

The Orb spawned a form of trippy ambiance, which found a place in the hearts of clubbers.  Live performances were further drenched in visual sensations to heightened an individuals experience.  Shows remain notorious visually intensive colourful and psychedelic light shows and it will be interesting to see how they pull this off in a small intimate venue.

Building a prolific catalogue of some 14 albums and now a 2013 release More Tales From The Orbservatory, featuring Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, the new offering bring a far more reggae infused album alongside one of Jamaica’s brightest sons.

21st June
Orb Sound System Willowman Festival

24th June
Alex Paterson DJ set With Bomb The Bass, Hoxton Square Bar, London

27th June
The Orb LIVE The Globe, Cardiff

28th June
The Orb LIVE The Fleece, Bristol

29th June
The LIVE featuring Kakatsiti West Holts Stage, Glastonbury Festival

30th June
Alex Paterson DJ set Bez’s Acid House, Glastonbury Festival

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