Adelyn Rose – Adelyn Rose EP

This s/t EP from Eau Claire’s Adelyn Rose is a year or so old, and she’s put out more recent stuff, but I’m digging it right now. So if you haven’t heard her stripped down indie folk stylings, get on it now. If you listen to a lot of music, there is a tendency for things to get pretty cluttered in your aural universe. Textures on top of textures, maximalist mutton chops, cloistered clusters of chaos. Too much is too much sometimes, so I love when artists like Adelyn Rose get back to basics.

All three songs off the EP are streaming below. Have a listen & enjoy. Find out more at Fbook & Tumblr & hear some more recent tunes at Bandcamp. Cheers!



"Willow Tree"


"Time Stands Still"


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