Lovewrecker Hearts Tayisha Busay

To eff V-Day or not eff V-day, that’s the question. We’re gonna split the difference and do a Valentine’s Day post that will let angry Singletons and Mushy Couple Robots link hands as tongue-in-cheek paramours. Irony is the greatest form of sincerity, and here’s the proof:

First up, stream two tracks from NYC’s Lovewrecker. It’s a side project from the man-of-many-side-projects Pete F. of Dinowalrus. Lovewrecker is a sort of Mickey-esque throwback, butt rock, glam rock outfit. This is the sort of love song you’d sing to your guy or gal while wearing really tight pants. Head to Bandcamp to hear the rest of Lovewrecker’s Scorpio Rising EP.

Speaking of tight pants, brash reverse slut-shaming erotica is Tayisha Busay’s entire way of life. Check out the video for "Heartmeat/Lovemuscle" below & download at Bandcamp & hit their show Friday. Peace & Happy V Day! Use protekshunn!

"Slide It In"


"Holding on for Life"


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