Neon Marshmallow NYC – Joe Lentini

Neon Marshmallow is coming to NYC this October (14th – 16th) and QRO is there! We’ll be highlighting artists as the calendar counts down to the zero hour. Next up: Joe Lentini.

Intelligent dance music —  that’s what I’d call the inspired "bloops & bleeps" of a Joe Lentini set. The track below, "Running," kind of makes me wish I had one of those big yellow jumpsuits like the synth-player in the grande finale of Revenge of the Nerds. You know, Gilbert? The one that went on to star in E.R. and a number of other moderately successful shows. Sucks for that other head-nerd, the one with dark hair & glasses. Whatever happened to him? Never saw him in anything again, except for Revenge of the Nerds IV, which was a totally sad reunion of all the actors from the original that had nothing better to do with themselves, hungry for a paycheck, etc. But that’s Hollywood, nah mean?

And don’t forget to pick up the limited run, NMNYC cassette featuring unreleased & non-ubiquitous tracks by your fave artists on the bill. Get it h’yah.

Stream the track below and more at Joe Lentini’s Soundcloud. Cuz you gotta be in it to win it. Peace!



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