Superchunk featuring Meatwad – “Misfits & Mistakes”

Superchunk - Misfits & Mistakes (featuring Meatwad)In tribute to last night’s end of Adult Swim’s classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force (R.I.P., Frylock & Master Shake) after fifteen years (!), check out Superchunk‘s team-up with Meatwad, “Mistfits & Mistakes”, from the show’s 2007 movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (the one that caused a bomb scare in Boston):

Superchunk – Misfits & Mistakes (Featuring Meatwad)


And here is the music to the final credits, written & sung by Patti Smith:


Finally, here are the original (and still best) credits:


#1 in the hood, G

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