The Rest – “Always On My Mind”

The Rest : Always On My MindQRO favorite The Rest have always been an ambitious bunch, from their expansive sound & band to writing a children’s book to song titles like “Atlantis, Typhoon, Oh Our Saviour, Starving Bears! Dance! Dance! (An Interpretation of “We Stole Your Grandma’s Organ and Now It Can Dance”)” from debut Atlantis, Oh Our Savior (QRO review).  For third record SEESAW (QRO review), they’re attempting to do a video for every single one of its ten tracks.  That’s more than even QRO can keep up with, but we did catch the puppet fornication in “Hey! For Horses” (QRO review) – and now comes “Always On My Mind”, with its vision of domestic life from director Karl E. Richter, both beautiful (like the couple) and suffocating (like the masks) – and make sure to catch the end…


Check out the video for “Always On My Mind” below:

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