Beach House – Depression Cherry

Beach House has shifted to simpler beauty with 'Depression Cherry'....
Beach House : Depression Cherry
7.8 Sub Pop

Beach House : Depression Cherry

With 2012’s Bloom (QRO review), Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House truly did bloom, as part of this decade’s airy electronica wave, without being defined by it. Yet true artists are never satisfied, and after not being happy with their drum machine for touring, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have shifted to simpler beauty with Depression Cherry.

Bright, soft, and airy, lead-off track “Levitation” truly says it all, levitating one up into the skies, as do other appropriately named pieces like “Space Song” and “Bluebird”. The lack of percussion can lead to simpler synths, such as on “Wildflower”, but can also seriously enchant – see the preceding “PPP”.

After Bloom, Depression Cherry isn’t the breakthrough that was, and might get a little lost with Beach House surprising folks with a second 2015 release, Thank Your Luck Stars. But it is beautiful.

Beach House – Levitation

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