Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club slow things down and lengthen things out....
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : Wrong Creatures
7.7 BMG

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : Wrong Creatures


For all that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been consistent in their garage-road delivery since they broke out at the turn of the century/millennium, they have also not shied from experimenting. Temporarily drummer-less, 2005’s Howl was acoustic; there was also 2008’s instrumental The Effects of 333. Yet those could be considered one-off detours, so distinctly different and singular were they. For Wrong Creatures, BRMC slow things down and lengthen things out.

For Wrong is a decidedly slower record than most previous BRMC work, as well as a long one. All but opening instrumental “DFF” is almost four minutes at least, and three-quarters of the tracks are almost five minutes – with twelve songs in total. Numerous times, a song ends and one thinks that it’s the end of the album, only for more to come. This is not a knock, just a note and heads up for listeners.

There is also no “Whatever Happened To My Rock & Roll?” or the like on Creatures. That garage-rock push put BRMC on the map way back when, but by now they’ve evolved into a slower, grander sound, more haunt than road, though still with a push on pieces like “Spook”, “Questions of Faith”, and “Little Thing Gone Wild”. There are also songs of heartbreak beauty (“Echo”) and even wry relax (“Circus Bazooko”).

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has long had a loyal fan base, which have followed the group go off-road on the likes Howl and The Effects of 333. Wrong Creatures combines their experimentation and garage-drive direct approach.

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