DâM-FunK – Invite the Light

7.8 Stones Throw

DâM-FunK : Invite the LightRegardless of techno and funk clichés that are in abundance, there are also a few musicians out there who try to redefine the limitations of these genres, as they were defined post-‘70s. Dam Funk is one of those musicians. DâM-FunK rolls beats more than samples them, and they are definitely more experimental than pop, as well as expansive rather than loop oriented. Invite the Light, thusly, may be more freak-out than indie, which largely means a smaller fan base.

All the same, the songs are typically worth keeping on a playlist. “We Continue”, “Surveillance”, and “Someday Somewhere” eat up any techno flare one might desire, while the album subsequently divides into heavier, funkier beats thereafter. Less pleasing to the pop audience that remains in funk, but more to the non-pop audience.

Some of the tracks are more or less experimental nightclub music. Those such as “Just Ease Your Mind From All the Negatives”, “How You Gonna Fuck Around and Choose a Buster”, and “Glad2nyte”. The better tracks create a phenomenal atmosphere, “Floating on Air”, “It Didn’t Have to End This Way”, and “Surveillance” are right along this line.

The highs and the lows one expects from an experimental urban funk album are all here. Invite the Light carries both the obnoxious and the atmospheric.

DâM–FunK – It Didn't Have To End This Way

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