Delicate Steve – This Is Steve

9.0 Anti

Delicate Steve : This Is Steve

Delicate Steve is always interesting in guitar, and that said, his albums, to take a clue from his name, “Delicate Steve,” always try to give a greater vibe with his emotional vocals and trippy tracks; there is always a theme.

This Is Steve, while not completely different from previous material of his, is really good, exceptional even in the guitar, maybe better than ever before. It has grand and fast-paced psychedelic and emotional sound in tracks, “Driving”, “Winners”, “This is Steve”, and “Swimming”, which have some great psych-pop weirdness and cool.

The album’s theme seems to be cool, and in many songs like “Animal”, the opener, and subsequent jams, “Cartoon Rock”, “NightLife” and “Tomorrow”, which pick it up. Then, “Driving”, ”Help‘, and “Together” keep the vibe modern and are weird, still to make an overall solidly indie and also rock energy, which is great in this time of the music industry that needs energy, whatever your taste. This works, even if some of the songs annoy you at times, like the “Mrs. Robinson” (Paul Simon) cut away in “Winners” (which is just out of place) or the weird guitar in “Help” and “Together”,

The songs on This Is Steve just wrap you up in them and you can ride it out in some state of confused, but soulful psychedelic bliss. It is a wistfully good record for anyone, not just Delicate Steve, who is known for much weirdness and rock guitar too.

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