Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This

7.7 Frenchkiss

Diet Cig : Swear I'm Good At ThisThere’s always a new crop of young people discovering the joys of making music, particularly punk rock, which is easier to play. Unfortunately, too often the kids are just doing what’s already been done a million times before, and done better, adding nothing to the mix but their youthful energy, which isn’t in short supply in punk. That’s why it’s great when a youthful act can be something more than just youthful, like Diet Cig on debut Swear I’m Good At This.

With female front-girl Alex Luciano, yes, Swear begins with a song about losing virginity at “Sixteen”, which starts off as a solo plea, but then turns into a great punk rock kiss-off. The songs on Swear are on the sweeter side of punk, but fun and charming, like the great sad number about birthday, “Barf Day”. And it closes with “Tummy Ache” and its strong chorus line, “It’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt”.

Like most good young punk music, Swear I’m Good At This plays short, to go with the sweet. Diet Cig don’t reinvent any wheels, but are Good At This.

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