Editors – In Dream

7.9 PIAS

Editors : In DreamOnce upon a time, the Anglo New Wave revival was all the rage thanks to bands like Interpol (QRO live review) and Editors. But just as for every dormancy there is revival, for every rage there is a lull, and Editors particularly suffered from that in their last two records, the synth-heavy In This Light and On This Evening (QRO review) and the thoroughly less-than-gripping The Weight of Your Love (QRO review). Thankfully, In Dream, which might not hit the band’s breakthrough highs, is a return to form.

Editors’ previous pair of albums embraced the computer in the wrong ways, but on In Dream it feels much more natural and well fitting. More importantly, the record embraces the darkness in the way the Editors did in their best times, whether grand and bold like “Forgiveness” or softer, but still effective, with “The Law” (featuring Rachel Goswell of Slowdive). The slow and ominous opener “No Harm” works, as does even the brightening finish of “Marching Orders”.

Admittedly, In Dream lacks the pressure that worked so well for Editors when they broke through, but it is their first strong and welcome record in a long while.

Editors – The Law

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