Electric Six – How Dare You?

The Electric Six train keeps on chugging....
Electric Six : How Dare You?
7.7 Metropolis

Electric Six : How Dare You?The Electric Six train keeps on chugging. The Detroit-born band is known for their engaging, hilarious live shows (QRO live review) and for being able to put out a new record pretty much every year. That means some are better than others, and there’s definitely chaff with the wheat, but How Dare You? keeps the power on.

Dare opens with the demented, fermented beverages of “Chicken Wine” (which would be sold in the same place as Primus’ “Pork Soda”…), and the record once again sees singer Dick Valentine (QRO interview) impressive mock-presence; other instances include overtly, even desperately, singing about sex in “Sex With Somebody”, and his lounge-talk ‘round the bar “A Quiet Man”. And the band’s big disco-punk is there in spades, leaning on the wry rock and never taking themselves too seriously.

How Dare You? isn’t inspired, but it is the Electric Six we’ll always need.

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