Jen Gloeckner – Vine

8.5 Spinning Head

Jen Gloeckner : VineThe upcoming singer-songwriter, Jen Gloeckner, certainly has a striking voice, and is a capable musician. However, her real strength may lie in that she fluidly melds relaxing while still fast paced songs. For starters, on Vine, “Ginger Ale” is really very simple song, but that very nice vocal melody takes it to a hauntingly and sensitively interesting place. “Blowing Through” is a piano ballad, which is also quite poised and mellow at the same time.

The thing that makes this even more atmospheric is that she often blend genres such as ‘90s alternative, pop, and folk, and makes a sound that rises above common songs. The result is an aura of noise. In, “Colors” and “Vine” she plays out instrumentals, which have some spirit still and the latter is a phenomenal piece.

Further along songs such as “Breathe” and “Firefly (Wardance)” play out a techno vibe. There seems to be an effort to make free music, which is typically bound sounding here.

“Counting Sheep” very much fits the eerie theme, and is a play on classical. “Row With the Flow” has a synth feel that says immediate popularity is possible. Possibly most impressive is the song “Prayers” which makes the stark effect of string-based folk seem poignant and hip.

Always important, the last track on Vine is full of soul and energy, and is almost Paul Simon like. Vine summarizes something emotional and special from Jen Gloeckner, and will appeal to only some indie fans, but will be a must have for those, and possibly to pop fans as well.

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