Lackthereof : Your Anchor

7.9 Barsuk

The ninth (and third label-released) album from art-rock aficionado Lackthereof, aka Danny Seim, is a natural bridge from bedroom to basement. At times rambunctious and others shy, Your Anchor is made of jagged, experimental rock rhythms, reluctant instruments, and vocals padded by a sleep-walking delivery.  It might just be Seim’s therapeutic, re-inspiring retreat from his gig as Menomena’s drummer, and it’s definitely a compelling connection.    

Your Anchor is a shadowy, but intimate, collection of rock, country, and electronic sounds blended at a youthful, highly-creative speed.  Slightly villainous percussion mixes with scrambling melodies on "Chest Pass" and "Choir Practice and cleverly open the album.  The restrained grinds of "Doomed Elephants" and "Locked Upstairs" both have a true basement feel thanks to concrete rhythms and melodies like exposed re-bar.  But "Last November" and "You Can" have more free-flowing grooves, the latter eventually mixing banging noises with a dub-rock beat.  

Lackthereof is – no question – a well-executed side-project, and Seim fills each of the four-or-so roles of his own band very well.  Your Anchor‘s charm lies in the airy mix of fuzzy indie jams and an insightful twist on melancholy that’s become a scintillating trademark of Seim’s solo and Menomena work. 

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