Mew – Visuals

Nothing about Mew feels rushed....
Mew : Visuals
8.0 PIAS

Mew : VisualsNothing about Mew feels rushed. The Danish band takes their time with every record, disappearing for long stretches, never quickly following up on a wave of critical acclaim for tactical success. This makes each album something of a resurgence, despite no drop in quality. This continues with their latest, Visuals.

Mew’s first album since the departure of guitarist Bo Madsen, there is more of a lean on electronica, but not heavily so or out-of-place. Indeed, the most out-of-place moment comes from the guitar, in the misplaced hard rock guitar grind in “Candy Pieces All Smeared Out”. The rest of the record is largely an exquisite glow, from the angular jazz-ness of “Twist Quest” to the expanse of “85 Videos” (QRO video review of both); there’s even the active and danceable “The Wake of Your Life”.

There are darker moments, such as wistful but shaded look back on childhood “Ay Ay Ay”, but it is the sustained and skillful shine that comes through most clearly. Mew take their time, but it’s worth it.

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