MisterWives – Connect the Dots

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MisterWives : Connect the Dots

MisterWives could have been just another millennial electro-pop band. They’re an excitable young act with a pretty frontwoman – who even started as an eighties cover band. They’re pretty much made for mass consumption. But on sophomore release Connect the Dots, they do aspire to something more.

Sometimes aspire too much, as some of the songs can be a bit heavy-handed, such as anti-music biz opener “Machine”, social commentary “Revolution”, or soul-tronic closer “Let the Light In”. But the catch is definitely there on “Drummer Boy”, and positivity works on pieces like “Out of Tune Piano” and “Coloring Outside the Lines”.

MisterWives are anything but revolutionary, but they don’t need to be. Instead, they deliver pop, with a touch of something more.

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