Oberhofer – Notalgia EP

After getting "Away Frm U", Oberhofer release Notalgia EP....
Oberhofer : Notalgia EP
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Oberhofer : Notalgia EP


In the spring last year, Brad Oberhofer finally put together all of his ditties into Time Capsules II (Time Capsules I is apparently in that same never-never-land as Beastie Boys’ non-existent Hot Sauce Committee Part 1QRO review of Part 2), fronted by killer single “Away Frm U”.  After that, his band Oberhofer rose in stature and toured extensively, and have kept not only that up this year, but also have release Notalgia EP.

At five tracks, and the middle one just a sub-thirty second pian-y instrumental bridge (entitled “-”), Notalgia is a bit more like a glorified single, but all singles all glorified in these mp3 days.  That single would be “You + Me (Still Together In the Future)”, whose catchy mix of small and speedy moments brings to mind “Away” in all the right ways – what you like about Oberhofer, without being a retread.  The other three songs are largely variations on the ditty style, slow in “Got Your Letter”, slow/speedy mix in “Earplugs”, and higher in “Together/Never”, and all are more enjoyable than you’d expect from such things as a ‘slow ditty’.

If you liked Time Capsules II, if you liked “Away Frm U”, pick up Notalgia while we wait for Time Capsules III (or Brad just jump straight to IV?…).

Oberhofer – You + Me (Still Together In the Future)

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