Paul Smith & The Intimations – Contradictions

Maxïmo Park's Paul Smith puts out 'Contradictions'....
Paul Smith & The Intimations - Contradictions
8.0 PIAS

Paul Smith & The Intimations - ContradictionsWhenever an act’s frontman releases a side-project solo album, there’s always a question of necessity: couldn’t he have just done this with his band? Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith answers by delivering a strong record as ‘Paul Smith & The Intimations’, Contradictions.

Obviously Contradictions was going to have a good deal of Maxïmo similarities, and the band’s angles, emotions, and press are all there in pieces like “Break Me Down”, “Before the Perspiration Falls”, and closer “Fluid Identity”. But other times Smith gets intimate and veers away from the electronics, such as on opener “The Deep End”, “I Should Never Know”, sub-minute acoustic track “The Golden Glint”, longtime couple “Fill In the Blanks”, and the quieter “Quick”.

With those, Contradictions actually probably isn’t a record Maxïmo Park would have made. Could have, perhaps, but probably wouldn’t, so it’s thankful Smith has stepped out on his own for this.

Paul Smith & The Intimations – I Should Never Know

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