RAL – Perspective EP

Knowing all the musicians who blend genres out right now is excruciatingly difficult. ...
RAL : Perspective EP
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RAL : Perspective EPKnowing all the musicians who blend genres out right now is excruciatingly difficult. That said, weeding through them is more rewarding in some areas than others, and only certain musicians can pull off DJ-instrumental, rap-rock, or rap-pop. This is where to begin with RAL. People just go nuts for some stuff, they see house, techno, or dubstep and because this is the hot thing right now, they assume it is perfectly good music.

The Perspective EP really comes out of a journey in style through the day of ‘pop-music’ for RAL. He starts in an only ‘glitch-hop’ place and some things work better than others as they change the sound in his game. This is brave, and he starts with the track, “Sphinx”, which does a very smooth rendition of both beats and jazz-soul. Glitch-hop elements are here, but are not featured heavily till later in the EP.

As a soulful-rap song, “Interrelated” is really solid and is a perfect example of restraining the overheard themes and letting the RAL show his DJ and instrumental skills. With glitch-hop hybriding come through later on, this is slow burning and tricky beat with many cosmically atmospheric sounding beats.

Moving on to “Zhora”, and the keys take the show to a very symphonic, more movie-like element, with no genres, just some organ in here to expound on this. “Through the Night” is probably the first number to play overly on “hip-hop”, but even this song keeps some more ‘70s underground rap elements rather than overly done noise elements of house.

“Magnificent Views” is more than a bit strangely eerie, however, and it does pull off what it is going for in bold and kind of joyful sound through the symphony sound already heard.

The last track, “Like the Wind”, is the most unique and the most overly DJ/hip-hop song as he mostly plays some looping keys, with limited, but modern sounding singing.

Overall, in Perspective, RAL gives something totally different, and does something interesting in instrumental-DJ-rap with glitch-hop elements. He may not be well known, but this release does hopefully add to the DJ-instrumental and glitch-hop movement primarily more than pure DJ or hip-hop. Which would be a blessing in the day of pop, house, and hip-hop. Perspective is part of rare indie music that says go ahead music industry, change now.

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