Saving Abel – Bringing Down the Giant

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Saving Abel : Bringing Down the GiantBorn in 2004, this band hails from Mississippi, and in 2012 they brought into the world their third studio album to date: Bringing Down the Giant.  Having gathered a popular following from their fans after hit singles such as “Addicted” and “Miss America”, there was no doubt that another album would’ve been exactly what the fans desired.

There’s also no doubt that Saving Abel have upped their performance in terms of technical difficulty and melody; their songs are harder and heavier than ever before in comparison to their older record.  With “Bringing Down the Giant” bursting through as the opening track, this album promises great things from the very beginning.  Showcasing the use of a variety of instruments within a number of the tracks, including the banjo in “Pine Mountain (Dance of the Poor Proud Man)”, they experiment in order to incorporate a more traditional country sound, as well as some punchy interludes that would surprise you considering their usual ‘American’ sound.

However, despite the entire attempt at change and variation, there is still the old Saving Abel lurking behind the songs, which seem to appear mostly in their ballads “Amazing”, “Me and You” and “Bittersweet”.  Which, although providing a difference to the fast paced tracks, are reminiscent of previous subject matters previously covered.  Though not necessarily a bad thing, a little variation from that generic American rock band sound would have been a welcome change, as the style of the songs still remain similar to that of Miss America in 2010 and Saving Abel in 2008.

Saving Abel – Pine Mountain (Dance of the Poor Proud Man)

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