!!! – Shake the Shudder

7.9 Warp

!!! : Shake the Shudder


There is a lot of dance music out there; too much, really (especially if you factor in the endless dance remixes). Countless DJs get paid to just push play, with pop stars auto-tuned into mass appeal. But doing dance right is !!!, who can make even the most jaded hipster move to the beat, like on their latest, Shake the Shudder.

Shake delivers just what you’re looking for from !!!. The rhythmic beats to songs like “Dancing Is the Best Revenge” (which might be the band’s mission statement), “Throw Yourself In the River”, and “Imaginary Interviews” will get anyone to move their shoulders & hips, like a reduced version of the band’s charismatic & very active frontman, Nic Offer. Shake doesn’t have quite the stand-out Offer lines like prior records (such as “Even Judas gave Jesus and kiss”), but Offer can still engage when he wants to, such as “Things Get Hard”.

Shake the Shudder doesn’t differ that much from prior !!! releases, and by this point they’ve got a lot behind them. But it does set them apart from the million-and-one dance artists of today, and gives the listener – dancer or not – what they want & need.

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