Sheer Mag – Need To Feel Your Love

Philly’s Sheer Mag channel seventies rock on debut full-length, 'Need To Feel Your Love'....
Sheer Mag : Need To Feel Your Love
7.5 Self-released

Sheer Mag : Need To Feel Your LoveThe internet, iTunes, Spotify, and just modern life has made everything old new again – and accessible. You don’t need to dive into the back stacks of your record store or listen to a classic rock station to pick up older sounds; they’re here today, played by young musicians, like Philly’s Sheer Mag, channeling seventies rock on debut full-length, Need To Feel Your Love.

The classic rock guitar grit of the 1970s is all over Need, from the in-your-face rumble-rock of opener “Meet Me In the Street” on forward. There’s the catchy, relaxed seventies of the title track and “Suffer Me”, procession-rock “Turn It Up”, stripped down “Until You Find the One”, sway “Milk and Honey”, guitar solo “Can’t Play It Cool”, even funky “Pure Desire”. The album does feel like classic rock done by young punks – witness “Expect the Bayonet”.

The world, and America in particular, is not lacking in classic rock. Those songs are still all over the airwaves (including commercials), a lot of those musicians are still performing, and the seventies still hang over rock ‘n’ roll as its supposed pinnacle (“Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.” – Homer Simpson). But there definitely is something to today’s young people doing the style as it was meant to be done, by young people, whether you’re HAIM (QRO album review), That 70’s Show (admittedly from the nineties), or Sheer Mag.

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