Tegan & Sara – Love You To Death

7.9 Warner Brothers

Tegan & Sara : Love You To DeathTegan & Sara used to be known as those two Canadian lesbian twin sisters who made indie music, but with 2013’s Hearthrob (QRO review), they became known as those two Canadian lesbian twin sisters who make indie electro-pop. The Quin sisters go even further with Love You To Death.

Note that this isn’t just that they go further in the ‘tronic direction. Tegan & Sara were already outspoken on liberal issues, particularly (if understandably) LGBT rights, but speak more on Love. Whereas Hearthrob single “Closer” was a love song for any couples, Love single “Boyfriend” is an anthem for the secret gay side-girls out there, while “BWU” is destined to be played at a lot of lesbian weddings.

That does make those two songs the clear standouts, as the electro-love pop songs can run together like pop songs on an album do (though Love isn’t just the upside of love; there’s also the dance track for the dumped “Dying To Know”, and “100x” is vocals & piano break-up). But Tegan & Sara go even further.

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