Zambri : House of Baasa

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Zambri : House of Baasa

Electronic music is very hot these days, and even its experimental side is getting more listens, but the electro-dance is still the most popular.  So how about a band that does both?  On their debut full-length, House of Baasa, New York’s Zambri skillfully mix industrial experiments with dancetronica beats, airy effects, haunting atmospheres, and more.

Zambri is named/founded by sisters Cristi Jo & Jessica Zambri, and their charm and force helps carry the mix of sounds on Baasa.  There are the airy-yet-industrial songs in the first half like opener "All You Maybe" (though "Maybe" not the best choice to start the record), better "Carry", and the slower & more haunting "Hundred Hearts".  That haunt continues in the backside with the larger tragic "From the Stars", and  "My Could Have True" & closer "You’ll Never Beat Dogs", both which manage to be both haunting and danceable.  And then there is the great mix of everything Zambri (including the ladies), "Icybys".

Jessica Zambri is married to Noel Heroux (QRO interview), singer/guitarist for Zambri band-in-law (QRO photos of them together) Hooray For Earth (QRO spotlight on – Zambri drummer Seth Kasper also used to be in Hooray, before his time with now-defunct Wild Light – QRO spotlight on), and like Hooray, Zambri are both complex and fun on House of Baasa.

MP3 Stream: "Icbys"

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