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!!! : LiveWhen the dance-funk clan, !!!, rolled through Boston on their non-stop worldwide tour, it was apparent that despite being worn down, they can always get it up.   Blasting through several cuts from their new album, Myth Takes, and some old jams, they showed off their thunderdance prowess.  Nic Offer’s voice unfortunately sounded like it was stretched like taffy, which was about the only side-effect of so much time on the road.  Offer explained, “I haven’t been home since February.”

In the early part of their set at the Paradise, !!! whipped out some of their strongest tunes.  They started off with the song “Myth Takes” and its eerie western guitars.  On “Pardon My Freedom”, Offer went through his “like a give a fuck” tirade as best as he could.  He was ecstatic on “All My Heroes Are Weirdos”, then they busted out the the infectious “Must Be The Moon”.  John Pugh shared some of the vocal duties with Offer, and Shannon Funchess flanked and boogied through about four tracks.

They finished on a two-song finale of “Heart of Hearts” where they were re-joined by Shannon in her strongest performance of the night and “Intensify”, which rolled over itself as their final super-extended dance jams.  There was no encore, however, despite the crowd’s best efforts.  It had to be due to !!! being extended to their limits in both the show and the tour, but it was fun while it lasted.

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