Crowded House

<img src="" alt=" " />A beautiful late summer night and an adoring audience provided the perfect setting for Crowded House to perform their hits along with some new songs...

Crowded House

Neil FinnCrowded House performed at the outdoor venue Edgefield in Portland, OR on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 in support of their new album Intriguer (QRO review).  A beautiful late Bambi?summer night and an adoring crowd provided the perfect setting for the band to perform their hits along with some new songs.  And in true Crowded House fashion, there was also their sense of humor and hi-jinks in play.  The band walked out onto the stage that was set up with large plastic figurines such as a mushroom, a deer, and a goose, among other items, and started the night with "Everything Is Good for You". 

After a lovely rendition of "Fall at Your Feet", singer Neil Finn decided it would be a great night for a foot race.  Or more specifically, "The Crowded House memorial race, or probably inaugural race really, given it’s the first one."  He enlisted multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart to race against all the children in the crowd.  Hart quickly passed this role onto drummer Matt Sherrod, in which case Finn decided that Hart would then be responsible for playing "race music".  And for nearly ten minutes Finn was the race announcer with cohort bassist Nick Seymour, while ringleader Sherrod raced children up and down the lawn of the amphitheater, audience cheering.

The Crowded House Memorial Race at Edgefield in Portland, OR on August 26th, 2010:

Crowded House

Mark HartThe middle of the set took on a mellower atmosphere as the moon rose over the horizon.  Musically, the band was in fine form all night often engaging the crowd in sing-a-longs.  A notable one was "Four Seasons In One Day".  The evening began to ramp back up soon after a fan sent a request to the band via a paper airplane.  Finn did mention after playing "Whispers and Moans" that that is what you hear when you spend the night in a hotel room next to Seymour’s.

Nick Seymour"When You Come" has been a classic in the bands’ live shows over the years and tonight was no exception.  With the lyrics "and why underneath the heavens/with the stars burning and exploding" resonating under the night sky.  An extended "Private Universe" was the perfect song to follow Matt Sherrod"When You Come" adding to the transcendent atmosphere of the concert. 

The evening ended with the audience joining the band for the traditional closer "Better Be Home Soon".  And as the song was ending, a plane flew overhead and Finn told everyone to wave.  It was a fitting ending to a lovely summer night with Crowded House.
Crowded House crowd

Hart & SeymourSet List

Everything Is Good for You
World Where You Live
Saturday Sun
Falling Dove
Fall at Your Feet
Don’t Stop Now
Either Side of the World
Four Seasons In One Day
Pineapple Head
Neil FinnTwice If You’re Lucky
Heaven That I’m Making
Whispers and Moans
When You Come
Private Universe
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Distant Sun
It’s Only Natural


Locked Out
Something So Strong
Weather with You
Better Be Home Soon
Crowded House

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