Crystal Fighters – Live

The feeling of euphoria is one that is rare to come by....
Crystal Fighters : Live

Crystal Fighters : Live

The feeling of euphoria is one that is rare to come by. With our trying times, it’s a feeling that’s more valuable than ever before. It was with that understanding that lead me to Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg (QRO venue review), to once again witness the beautiful madness that is Crystal Fighters on Thursday, April 6th.

Words do the band an injustice, because to describe the maelstrom of euphoric fun that they put on stage is close to impossible. They’re one of the few bands that you need to see live, to ‘get’ but even with their albums, they’ve been able to convey that sense of true abandon, that idea that you can truly lose yourself within a storm of sounds. I’ve been fortunate to have seen the band a handful of times over the years, and they truly do keep getting better and better.

This show at Music Hall was no exception. After an exhilarating opening set from Machineheart (seriously, go see them – QRO photos) the party of people that makes up Crystal Fighters bum-rushed to the stage and instantly demanded for the room’s attention. The sold out crowd were more than happy to oblige, showcasing their love for the band by flinging their arms in excitement and shouting at the top of their lungs. The lights were shuttering on and off during their set, evoking this sensation of being within a cave transformed into an electric nightclub. The percussions from the band hit you in rib cage, as did the strumming of guitars that got more frantic as the night went on. Everyone in the room was sweaty, but we all didn’t care. It was clear to everyone that being within that room, within that space of true euphoria, was exactly where we wanted to be that night.

Crystal Fighters

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