Electric Six Live on 11-21-08

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/electricsixLiveNov08sm.jpg" alt="Electric Six Live on 11-21-08" />On a Friday in November, Electric Six stormed into Cambridge, MA, causing a politically-charged commotion....
Electric Six Live on 11-21-08

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Being in Massachusetts for the first time since the presidential election, Electric Six, and Dick Valentine especially, took the opportunity to showcase their pride for Obama's victory.  Throughout the show, Valentine explained Massachusetts' role in democracy while ridiculing the outgoing president.  Oh, and the show was excellent.

Touring for their latest release, Flashy (QRO review), the Detroit band were able to compile what was perhaps their most compelling set list to date.  Playing four tracks from that, they pulled their greatest hits from their other four releases.  Old favorites like "Gay Bar", "Danger! High Voltage", and "I Buy the Drugs" were – not surprisingly – the peaks of the show's energy, but newer ones like "Down at McDonnelzzz" also kept the temperature at the Middle East Downstairs sweltering. 

While Valentine expressed his excitement to be in Massachusetts in such highly-charged political times, the crowd eagerly expressed theirs, but for the band's raw energy and pinpoint delivery of such a feverish set. 

And on a lighter note, the singer even took the time out to mention drummer Percussion World's native Rhode Island, where he pointed out that neither the crowd nor Percussion World himself would be able to name a single band that's come from there – and surely with Rhode Islanders right there in the audience.

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