<img src="" alt="Nero : Live" /> Hot off Weekend 1 at Coachella and on the cusp of Weekend 2, the boys and girl of Nero drove in from...
Nero : Live

Hot off Weekend 1 at Coachella (QRO photos) and on the cusp of Weekend 2, the boys and girl of Nero drove in from the desert to drop beats and bass in the City of Angels on Thursday night, April 19th. 

Club Nokia in downtown can definitely be considered large scale – with towering levels of seating, elevators to transport crowds from one floor to the next, and tiered levels even on the ‘floor’.  Staying true to the venue, the design for Nero’s set was equally as grandiose.  Lights on. Sound starting. Then suddenly fans laid eyes on Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray.  Two bold, British figures poised atop a twenty or so foot DJ booth.  We might even venture to say the metallic, industrial wall of the booth was reminiscent of the Transformers.

Alana WatsonAnd in case you forgot who you were there to see, "NERO" glowed in neon lights smack dab in the middle of the set.

Enough about the stage set-up, everyone in attendance was there for one very prominent reason: the music.  From hardcore dubstep that caused heads to bob aggressively in unison to melodic sounds that suggested an ethereal experience, the overwhelming sentiment in response to Nero’s sounds was, "Damn!  That’s good!"

From beginning to end, the beat of the bass was the beat of the crowd’s hearts.  The music pulsed through the veins of everyone within earshot.  As if that connection alone wasn’t enough, at one point mid performance, every attendee broke out into synchronized clapping.  Granted, the move was directed by the boys but everyone eagerly followed suit.

The highlight of the show really hit when the lights slowly began to dance across the air, reaching into the audience.  But despite the bright, bold colors flitting around the space, eyes were on one thing… and ears were on one voice… Alana Watson.  Watson, vocalist extraordinaire, really commanded the night with her voice and presence, and probably made a few boys fall in love too.

Their set shut down early, making way for Sub Focus (added late to the bill); but even with calling it quits on the early side, Nero did not leave us with empty Promises.

Nero with Alana Watson

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