Passion Pit – Live

Passion Pit : Live


A band that has always sparked interest in the indie, electronica and even pop community is Passion Pit. The group, based on lead singer Michael Angelekos, was all together on this momentous Tuesday evening, September 8th. With a new album at their feet, the band stepped on for the first time in two years for the sold out Houston crowd at House of Blues.

With three albums (including the latest release KindredQRO review) and two EPs, it was obvious the band had a lot of material to go on. Classics such as “Sleepy Head” and “Take a Walk” were played, but songs like “Lifted (1985)” and “Cry Like A Ghost” really took the audience by storm.

Passion Pit knew how to captivate an audience with their many different realms of sound and dance talents accompanied by Michael Angelekos. Everyone could feel the tight knit chemistry of the band as wave after wave of indietronica and catchy pop tunes were belted through. Sweaty, happy, emotional and captivating were just a couple of words that described the night.

After eight years of being a band, Passion Pit still proves to be one of the hottest live acts to date. Catch them now as they continue their U.S. tour with dates in Missouri and California.

Passion Pit

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