Bar Matchless

Bar Matchless

The Beets

Bar Matchless is located on 557 Manhattan Avenue, at the corner of Manhattan and Driggs Avenue.  It is two blocks west of Warsaw, southeast of Greenpoint’s late Europa and the late Studio B, and to the northeast of Williamsburg venues such as Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bowl, Spike Hill, Cameo, Pete’s Candy Store, and Union Pool, separated by McCarren Park.

Bar Matchless is a bar first and foremost, a typical mix of local and hipster.  One enters through the bar to get to the music space, which is in the back (down Driggs), behind the outdoor area of the bar.  There is a cover for the back area, but never very much.  Upon entering, there is a second small bar to the left, stage to the far right, with bench seating built into both the near and far wall.  The space was previously a garage – the wall separating the music space and the outside bar area is a garage door.

For such a small, low-rent place, the sound is better than you’d expect, but the lighting is quite poor.  However, the bar right near by (where the drinks are relatively cheap) and the built-in seating are very nice touches.  If you’re gonna see your friend’s Brooklyn band in a place, you could do worse – a lot worse.


Capacity: 60



557 Manhattan Avenue, at the corner of Manhattan and Driggs Avenue

By Subway:

G to Nassau Avenue  – walk one block south on west side of Manhattan Avenue

L to Bedford Avenue – walk seven blocks northeast on west side of Driggs Avenue, through McCarren Park

L to Lorimer Street – walk eight blocks north on Lorimer Street, beneath Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and through McCarren Park, one block northeast on north side of Driggs Avenue


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Donna Missal

Bar Matchless

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