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Holly Miranda


Apparently Envelope is no longer holding events.

Envelope is an apartment-cum-studio, which began its monthly series of shows on October 13th, 2010 with Holly Miranda and Gregory & The Hawk.

Envelope is an actual apartment, divided into roughly five sections: an entryway, a backstage area to the left separated by a curtain, a bar/soundboard to the right also divided by a curtain, a stage floor on the other end of the entryway, and a stage to the far right of the entrance.  The stage is only maybe a foot or so above the stage floor, and is small, but does contain a piano.  The stage floor has two benches in the back – one can stand on a bench for a better view.

Envelope is ‘homey’ in the literal sense – it is a residential apartment, albeit with almost all of the residential aspects removed (there is a refrigerator and sink in the bar area).  This lends itself to limited lighting (including a red light bulb hanging above the stage) and sound, but also an incredible intimate concert experience, whether up front a few feet from the band, or in the back, standing on a bench – which is still only four or five rows of people from the stage.  What’s more, the ticket price includes an open bar and chips & dip, all local to Brooklyn/Queens.  The tight quarters & free drinks also encourage conversation among the patrons (especially if one arrives early to take full advantage of the latter), most unlike de-personalizing venues.  It’s definitely off the beaten venue track, but quite close to an L stop.  Obviously suited for the artsy & solo artists (and it’s still an open question whether a drum set could fit on the stage), it’s a really special way to see such acts & to spend an evening.


Capacity: 55


QRO Coverage:

-Holly Miranda, with Gregory & The Hawk, October 13th, 2010 (grand opening) – Holly Miranda photos, Gregory & The Hawk photos

Gregory & The Hawk

Live Videos:

Holly Miranda, “No One Just Is”, Queens, NY, 10/14/10
Holly Miranda, “Pelican Rapids”, Queens, NY, 10/14/10
Holly Miranda, “Every Time I Go To Sleep”, Queens, NY, 10/14/10
Holly Miranda, “Glass, Concrete & Stone” (David Byrne cover), Queens, NY, 10/14/10

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