Active Child : Curtis Lane EP

<img src="" alt=" " />Ex-choirboy Pat Grossi brings the chorals to echotronica in his debut as Active Child. ...
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Active Child : Curtis Lane EP

Pat Grossi, a.k.a. Active Child, was previously a choirboy, and one can tell from the high, choral vocals on his debut, Curtis Lane EP.  But instead of organs or a-cappella, Grossi employs high synths in a slow style.  While it can be a little one-note, Grossi has found something new in the world of indietronica.

Like most EPs, even if they aren’t just glorified singles, Curtis Lane starts off with its best track, "I’m In Your Church At Night".  The high echotronica matches very well with Grossi’s choral vocals.  From there, the artist changes the sound a bit – more nighttime synths to "She Was a Vision" and "Take Shelter", more pressure to "When Your Love Is Safe" and "Weight of the World" (and he wisely alternates between the two styles with the track listing); the eighties synths of the former don’t mix as well with his vocals, but the pressure to the latter lift them.  And it all ends with "Wilderness", where Grossi strips down just his haunting chorals & percussion.

A debut EP is usually just an introduction, not a full-fledged person, and that is the case with Curtis Lane.  Grossi will probably need to flesh out his sound (and band?) for a full-length.  But he’s hit on something new here, something interesting.

MP3 Stream: "I’m In Your Church At Night"

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