Alcoholic Faith Mission

<img src="" alt="Alcoholic Faith Mission : Interview" />QRO interviewed Thorben Seierø Jensen & Kristine Permild over Voodoo Doughnuts. ...
Alcoholic Faith Mission : Interview
Alcoholic Faith Mission

What started as a melancholy nocturnal bedroom pop in 2006 by two high school friends, Thorben Seierø Jensen and Sune Sølund has now become a sextet, producing exhilirating, multi-dimensional tunes that would awaken any sleepyhead.  Alcoholic Faith Mission exudes energy and engages the crowd, in similar vein of their fellow countrymen, Efterklang (QRO spotlight on).  On the Danish band’s first ever stop in Portland, the lead singers, Jensen and Kristine Permild chat with us in the balmy evening at the courtyard of Jupiter Hotel, (attached to the venue, Doug Fir) and experienced a slice of Portland original – Voodoo Doughnuts.

QRO’s interview (over Voodoo Doughnuts) with Alcoholic Faith Mission:


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    Alcoholic Faith Mission

    <img src="images/stories/alcoholicfaithmissionapr27.jpg" alt="Alcoholic Faith Mission : Live" />It takes devotion to be a band called Alcoholic Faith Mission, and that's what the Danish indie pop outfit delivers. ...
    Alcoholic Faith Mission
    Alcoholic Faith Mission

    It takes devotion to be a band called Alcoholic Faith Mission, and that’s what the Danish indie pop outfit delivers.  Accompanied by You Won’t (QRO photos), the Copenhagen-based sextet brought their lush, full sound to Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery (QRO venue review) on Friday, April 27th, highlighting songs from their recently-released fourth album Ask Me This, including "Alaska" and "We Need Fear."  The band is continuing its tour across the U.S. and Canada:

    May 2nd – Drake Hotel – Toronto, ON, Canada
    Alcoholic Faith MissionMay 3rd – Founders Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids, MI
    May 4th – The Terrace – Madison, WI
    May 5th – Schuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL
    May 6th – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
    May 8th – Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
    May 9th – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
    May 11th – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR
    May 12th – Comet Tavern – Seattle, WA
    May 14th – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA
    May 15th – Muddy Waters – Santa Barbara, CA
    May 17th – The Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
    May 18th – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
    May 19th – Plush – Tucson, AZ
    May 22nd – The Mohawk – Austin, TX
    May 23rd – La Grange – Dallas, TX
    Alcoholic Faith Mission

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