Annie Hart – A Softer Offering

Annie Hart’s restrained 'A Softer Offering' lets her shine....
Annie Hart : A Softer Offering
7.6 Self-Released

Annie Hart : A Softer OfferingMany artists like to go solo and do it all by themselves, often stripping down their sound – and that doesn’t always work out. Simpler can lose something, not to mention start to all sound the same. But Annie Hart’s restrained A Softer Offering lets her shine.

One-third of Au Revoir Simone, Hart has since made her own solo career, but still employs the band’s well-worn synths that they had before everybody had synthesizers. Yes, the solo restraint of pieces like “Wilderness Hill” and echoing “Wandering Free” make them quite Soft, but on the best numbers, Hart’s emotion comes through. “Don’t Breathe For Me” is powerful in its quiet nature, while closer “The Paper Pull” is touching heartbreak.

Definitely an album for the quiet times, when one wants to be still and with oneself – A Softer Offering’s title is certainly true, but it is also a sweeter one.

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