Ark Life – Dream of You & Me

Jesse Elliott delivers with his side-project....
Ark Life : Dream of You & Me
7.7 Greater Than Collective 

Ark Life : Dream of You & MeJesse Elliott (QRO interview) is a prolific artist. His band These United States (QRO spotlight on) had a stretch where they released an album every year. Now, while on hiatus from T.U.S., his new act Ark Life comes out with The Dream of You & Me, which is more of Elliott’s charming & fun twang.

The Dream of You & Me is a pretty relaxed record, reflecting perhaps its hiatus origins as ‘something to do’, but it isn’t superfluous. Closer “Rock & Roll (Take It Easy)” maybe best exemplifies the album, with Elliott’s charm over some very wry and relaxed twang. The album opens relaxed and upbeat (“Let Your Heart Break”), relaxed and sweet (“Proud of Me Out There, Mama”), and relaxed with twang-rock “What You Want To”, but there is also the slow & sad duet “You’re With Me”. And of course there’s a great song about The Unsinkable “Molly Brown”.

Jesse Elliott may not have needed to form a whole new band for The Dream of You & Me, considering how it fits his These United States work, but it’s still a nice piece of work.

Ark Life – Molly Brown

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