Autumn Andel

  • Alcoholic Faith Mission : Interview

    Alcoholic Faith Mission

    Alcoholic Faith Mission : InterviewQRO interviewed Thorben Seierø Jensen & Kristine Permild over Voodoo Doughnuts. ...
  • Sundaze : Wish You Lived Alone

    Sundaze – “Wish You Lived Alone”

    Portland has a reputation for alt-folkiness with images of bearded guys in a Paul Bunyan-esque garbs.  But lately, the city of roses has seen a rise of dream pop love (i.e. Blouse), and Sundaze is one of the bands slowly gaining a momentum. The trio just released a seven-track...
  • Choir of Young Believers : Rhine Gold

    Choir of Young Believers : Rhine Gold

    Choir of Young Believers : Rhine Gold
    Originality rarely rings true in the arts these days when every option seems to have been examined, explored, and experimented. ...
  • Porcelain Raft : Live

    Porcelain Raft

    Porcelain Raft : LiveThere was something calming and dreamy at the trendy Doug Fir as the soft rain welcomed the evening of Porcelain Raft. ...
  • Fredrik : Live

    Fredrik : Live

    Fredrik : LiveFredrik's ephemeral West Coast tour closed with possibly the last ever event at San Francisco's Red Vic Movie House. ...
  • Loney Dear : Hall Music

    Loney Dear : Hall Music

    Loney Dear : Hall Music
    On the appropriately titled Hall Music, with its expansive reverb and baroque flavor reaches a new grandeur in Loney Dear catalogue. ...
  • Loney Dear : Live

    Loney Dear : Live

    Loney Dear : LiveSwedish singer/songwriter Emil Svanängen - a.k.a. Loney Dear - made his second stop in Montreal on a brief six-date North American tour to promote his sixth LP, Hall Music. ...
  • Cut Copy & Washed Out : Live

    Cut Copy & Washed Out

    Cut Copy & Washed Out suppressed the oncoming seasonal blues of one long rainy season in Portland. ...
  • Weekend : Red EP

    Weekend : Red EP

    Weekend : Red EP
    While Red doesn't have the visceral immediacy of Sports, it further demonstrates Weekend's ability to tackle post punk from all angles, able to balance melody and noise into a beautiful chaos. ...