Stephanie Cafarella

  • Beach House : Myth

    Beach House – “Myth”

    Just as the spring begins to peek it’s head out from under the blanket that is winter, Beach House returns with a track that has been stirring up some of the most exuberant anticipation of their career.  "Myth", a shimmering layered masterpiece, may as well be one of the...
  • CSS : La Liberacion

    CSS : La Liberacion

    CSS : La Liberacion
    "Fuck everything" is just one of the many far-from-vague declarations of advice on the third, most recent record from São Paulo dance-pop quintet, CSS. ...


    BOBBY : BOBBYFrom the very first few seconds of the record to the very last, BOBBY calmly erupts with layered hypnotic melodies glazed with ethereal harmonic vocals. ...