B∆stille – Wild World

B∆stille follow-up 'Wild World' keeps it up – and keeps up delivering it well....
B∆stille : Wild World
7.8 Virgin

B∆stille : Wild World

London’s B∆stille broke out in 2013 with debut Bad Blood, delivering the kind of soul-dance ‘tronica that is very hot right now. Follow-up Wild World keeps it up – and keeps up delivering it well.

Opener/single “Good Grief” kind of says it all, and says it best (as it should), soulful up-dance that is gripping to the ear, heart, and feet. Admittedly that’s a major high point on Wild World, but there’s other strong uplift in other songs like “Warmth”, “Send Them Off”, and “Lethargy”. But this is not just a bright record, but also one with a great deal of sorrow. Closer “Winters of Our Youth” does it best with powerful sadness, but there’s also the more distant fuzz of single “Fake It”, which is a nice change on a fourteen-track album.

B∆stille may not have done more than they needed to in their anticipated follow-up, but they also did exactly what they needed to: reaffirm their soul-dance electronic ability & delivery.

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