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<img src="" alt=" " />With a confident frontwoman, Best Coast are an interesting trio that shouldn't be missed. ...

Best Coast

Bethany CosentinoBest Coast front woman Bethany Cosentino walked on stage with an immediate blazing smile, and it was apparent she was very happy to be at New York’s Bowery Ballroom (QRO venue review) on Wednesday, September 29th.

Cosentino immediately addressed the crowd, and throughout the gig told many tales.  One that stood out was of her cat that she seems to clearly adore.  Cosentino also told of how she used to be a lonely student and is happy to be back on the gig circuit with a following.
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males like Cosentino

Cosentino also gets lots of male attention from the crowd – the song that went down really well was “Boyfriend”.  Bethany Cosentino is a confident frontwoman, and the audience were certainly in to the band’s tunes.  Best Coast are a interesting trio and should not be missed on their U.K. tour.  Certain tracks were reminiscent of Hole (QRO album review) and Nirvana, catchy concise grunge-pop songs.
Bethany Cosentino

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