Black Box Revelation : Shiver of Joy EP

<img src="" />The United States gets its introduction to the Belgian duo's leather jacket boot-stomping rock in aggressive fashion. ...
Black Box Revelation : Shiver of Joy EP
8.2 Merovee

Black Box Revelation : Shiver of Joy EPWith kick-in-the-door force, the Belgian duo Black Box Revelation are making their way to America, delivering a fresh dose of what the Kinks brought with them a generation ago.  On a six-track EP, the band makes its debut in the U.S. with unapologetically raw rock ‘n’ roll that would spit its drink in your face. 

Gritty guitars, pounding rhythms, and drunken vocals dominate the release and make the listener feel like a neighbor watching a back-alley fight.   The band channels a Rolling Stones looseness on the title track on Shiver of Joy with its bar-room jam appeal then delves into a more edgy White Stripes vibe on the next track, "I Think I Like You".  From there, the EP develops into a powerful exhibition of boot-stomping riffs that impressively channels the black leather rock that America’s grown so fond of over the years.

The band has plans to release a full LP in America, and in the meantime, this EP is a tremendous introduction. The energy that the duo spews forth in their well-crafted jams is impressive and whatever’s coming down the barrel afterwards is sure to hit the mark.

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