Blood Red Shoes – Ghosts On Tape

Blood Red Shoes alive as 'Ghosts On Tape'....
Blood Red Shoes : Ghosts On Tape
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Blood Red Shoes : Ghosts On Tape

Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter, a.k.a. Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes, found themselves separated by an ocean & a continent during this pandemic. While that certainly informs new record Ghosts On Tape, it does not diminish their electric energy.

Admittedly, Ghosts does start with a slow burn in opener “COMPLY” (all tracks are in all caps, save for three no caps, parenthesized sub-minute instrumental interstitials), but gets big with songs like that and the following pusher “MORBID FASCINATION”. One can kind of feel the divide between Ansell & Carter on who sings which song, Ansell the more aggressive of the two (“I AM NOT YOU”), Carter the slyer one (“SUCKER”), but it doesn’t detract from the whole.

Blood Red Shoes’ smashing electro-rock is suited for these troubled times, to shake of the weariness and acceptance (though the anti-compliance message of “COMPLY” unfortunately can sound a bit anti-vax/mask/mandate…). They’re alive as Ghosts On Tape.

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