Brightblack Morning Light : Motion to Rejoin

<img src="" alt=" " />Sit back and relax for another installment of the mellowest rock around. ...
7.1 Matador

If it’s relaxation you seek, then look no further than blood pressure saviors Brightblack Morning Light’s latest, Motion to Rejoin.  It’s whispering guitars, tender Rhodes licks, and smoky vocals are the key to your unwinding.

Over the course of many outstretched tracks, the band led by Rachel Hughes and Nathan Shineywater further explore their domain of dark, alt-jazz with their trademark crawling pace.  Highlights include the sedated gospel vocals on "Gathered Years, the light flicker of percussion on "Oppressions Each, and the cool lounge mood on "A Rainbow Aims".  In terms of sticking out, though, they’re longer grass on rolling hills.  Rarely does Motion to Rejoin‘s intensity go above a turtle’s heartbeat.

Uniquely delicate and mysterious, Brightblack Morning Light provide an oasis from all of the high-energy music around. Whether it’s played late night or not, it’s soothing to the point of near coma-inducing, but that’s what makes it so necessary.

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