Buke & Gass : Live in the U.K.

<img src="https://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/bukeandgassjun21.jpg" alt="Buke and Gass : Live" />Brooklyn's hottest export Buke and Gass<span style="font-weight: normal"> bought their ground breaking, trend setting sound to Europe.</span> ...
Buke and Gass : Live
Buke & Gass

It would seem Brooklyn’s hottest export Buke and Gass are on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list – hailing from New York’s hippest neighborhood, Arone Dyer and Aaron Sanchez (QRO interview) have bought their ground breaking, trend setting sound to Europe.  Promoting their 2010 release Riposte, Buke and Gass bring together a complete new level of intensity to the concept of live performance – it’s stunning to see what two truly talented individuals can put together, like Arone Dyerat London’s CAMP Basement on Tuesday, June 21st.

Named after their homemade instruments, a Buke – a six-string baritone ukulele – and a Gass – a self modified guitar bass hybrid, Dyer and Sanchez implemented the use of an array of bells, drums, pedals to create a hard hitting sophisticated sound.  Alongside the traditional elements of rock ‘n’ roll – the loud, piercing vocals of Dyer and the driving bass of the ‘Gass’, Buke and Gass create a sound combining multiple levels with intense intricacy – although the dissonant creation of their sound makes it seemingly sound, and look so easy.

The progressive rhythmic, strangely melodic pounding nature of Buke and Gass’ sound transpires effectively despite the complex nature of each track, and despite not having the ease of playback, dubbing and likewise in a studio setting, Buke and Gass were able to demonstrate raw talent, energy and a love for what they do.  Dyer and Sanchez illustrate what it is to have a close working relationship – such a close Aaron Sanchezknit precision is required to pull of their material, such as the pounding off beats and constantly changing tempo of Riposte‘s opener, "Medulla Oblongata".  Such a track provides a stunning example of Dyer’s raw vocal delivery with an intense energy and odd exoticism – but this is not exclusive to "Medulla Oblongata" – each track is a work of art masterfully crafted through multifarious instrumentation and spot on vocals.

It’s one thing hearing Buke and Gass on record – who are by any means a truly wonderful, agonizingly engaging band on record – but live and in the flesh, it’s nothing short of utterly stupendously spectacular.

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