Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

Here and Nowhere Else can’t be the same revelation Attack On Memory was, but is still strong....
Cloud Nothings : Here and Nowhere Else
8.0 Carpark

Cloud Nothings : Here and Nowhere Else

When Cloud Nothings put out Attack on Memory (QRO review) in 2012, it was immediately a bracing breath of fresh air in an indie-rock scene that had gone either too soft loss or party-garage. It reinvigorated grunge youth in ways Dave Grohl only wish he could. Follow-up Here and Nowhere Else can’t be that same revelation, but is still strong.

Thankfully dropping any slow track like Memory’s opener “No Future/No Past”, Here largely hits the ground running, but also speeds up at its finish. Energy-fueled indie-shouts like “Quieter Today” and “Psychic Trauma” give way to the speed-grunge of “Just See Fear” and “No Thoughts”, before the evocative shout of “Pattern Walks” sets up closer “I’m Not Part of Me”. Some really great alt-rock with just the right amount of goodbye, it closes the short, eight-track album with a lot of bang for your buck.

After Attack on Memory, people sat up and took notice of Cloud Nothings. Obviously Here and Nowhere Else couldn’t repeat that first impression, but definitely keeps your attention.

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