CMJ 2013 Preview – Thursday

It's the middle of CMJ 2013....
CMJ 2013 Preview

CMJ 2013 Preview - Thursday

The government may be shut down and the U.S. about to go into default, but the band plays on, even on The Titanic. So head to New York, Tuesday-to-Saturday, October 15th to 19th, for CMJ. QRO’s got your schedule for you, including both official & unofficial shows, free, RSVP, etc.


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Thursday, October 17th

Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th St. (free)
11:00am – Kan Wakan
12:00pm – Mood Rings
Au Revoir Simone2:00pm – Keren Ann
3:00pm – The Darcys
4:00pm – Satellite

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery
Sam Mickens
2:00pm – Weeknight
2:45pm – Shy Hunters
3:30pm – Pegasus Warning
4:15pm – Tops
5:00pm – Kirin J Callinan

Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. (free) (QRO venue review)
12:45pm – Slow Down Molasses
1:30pm – J Fernandez
2:15pm – The Moondoggies
3:00pm – Bent Shapes
3:45pm – Julia Weldon
4:30pm – special guest
5:15pm – The Echo Friendly
6:00pm – Caged Animals

From far to the north comes one of the acts ever to call Alaska home, The Moondoggies (QRO photos at a festival).

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St.
2:00pm – Megan Bonnell
2:45pm – Castle River
3:30pm – Grounders
4:15pm – Slow Down Molasses

Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square S (official/free)
10:00am – Saint Rich
12:00pm – Minks
2:00pm – Au Revoir Simone
4:00pm – Ski Lodge

Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. (official or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
Culture Collide
traumahelikopter12:00pm – Instrumenti
1:00pm – Prata Vetra
2:00pm – Birth of Joy
3:00pm – traumahelikopter
4:00pm – Ghost Wave
5:00pm – Half Moon Run

Catch a wave of foreign acts (and drinks) at Knitting Factory thanks to Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival (QRO ’12 recap), such as Half Moon Run (QRO album review).

Mission Sound Recording, 16 Powers St. (free)
11:00am – Ski Lodge
11:00am – John Murry
11:00am – Casual Sex
11:00am – Doug Keith
1:00pm – Tweens
11:00am – Ghost Wave
11:00am – Jacco Gardner

From the Netherlands comes neo-psych keyboardist Jacco Gardner, whose debut single “Where You Will Go” was released in garage label Trouble in Mind Records, the same as Ty Segall (QRO album review).

Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St. (official or RSVP)
Half Moon RunHaybaby
1:15pm – Calvin Love
3:00pm – Jamaican Queens
Ava Luna
5:00pm – Ratking

Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
I Guess I’m Floating
1:00pm – The Bots
2:00pm – TV Girl
3:00pm – GEMS
4:00pm – The Preatures
5:00pm – Wild Cub
6:00pm – holychild

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
I Guess I’m Floating
1:30pm – The Everywheres
2:30pm – School of Night
3:30pm – J Fernandez
4:30pm – The Range
5:30pm –special guest

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Flux Studios
12:00pm – Bridge City Hustle
Clementine & The Galaxy1:00pm – Julian Peterson
2:00pm – Banda Magda
3:00pm – Cyrille Aimee

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (free) (QRO venue review)
3:00pm – Clementine & The Galaxy
3:00pm – Dark North
3:00pm – Palehound
3:00pm – manicanparty
3:00pm – Diamond Bones
3:00pm – Psychic Twin



285 Kent Ave.
8:00pm – Big Ups
8:50pm – Homeshake
9:40pm – Calvin Love
11:30pm – Hunters
12:30am – Speedy Ortiz

Jacco GardnerAlphabet Lounge, 104 Avenue C
7:00pm – Eric Frisch
7:45pm – Adios Ghost
8:30pm – Danny Chait
9:15pm – Avi Wisnia
10:00pm – Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!

Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St. (QRO venue review)
7:00pm – Hawk and Dove
8:00pm – Folding Legs
9:00pm – The Wives
10:00pm – The Von Shakes
11:00pm – The Dirty Names

Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St.
L Rock Entertainment
7:30pm – Bobby McGrath
8:30pm – I’ll Be John Brown
9:30pm – 2/3 Goat
10:30pm – The Morningsiders
11:30pm – Danielia Cotton
Real Estate12:00am – Mokaad

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St. (QRO venue review)
Domino Records
8:00pm – Piano Movers
9:00pm – Hookworms
10:00pm – Jonathan Rado & The Gentleman Jets
11:00pm – Real Estate

Pitchfork has long loved Ridgewood, New Jersey’s Real Estate (QRO live review), including last year’s sophomore release Days (QRO review), so see for yourself if they’re right as the band comes to CMJ (QRO photos at CMJ ’09).

Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave. (QRO venue review)
Okay Africa
7:00pm – Eko Hotel featuring Sahr Ngaujuah

Cameo, 93 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
7:20pm – North Americans
8:00pm – Rush Midnight
8:50pm – Heavenly Beat
9:40pm – Jensen Sportag
Ava Luna10:30pm – Ejecta
11:20pm – Shine 2009

Converse Rubber Tracks, 130 Hope St. (RSVP)
FADER Magazine
6:45pm – Wet
7:30pm – Kanwakan
8:15pm – Jody
8:55pm – Potty Mouth
9:45pm – Strange Talk
10:30pm – Kelela
11:15pm – The Internet

Always a CMJ standout, the FADER Fort returns!

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St. (official/free)
Party Guy
6:00pm – 8th Grader
7:00pm – SHMNS
8:00pm – Facts
8:45pm – Shy Girls
9:00pm – Kuato
9:30pm – Child Actor
10:00pm – Tony Quattro
10:15pm – Float Fall
11:00pm – Figgy
11:00pm – Born Gold
12:00am – Public Service Broadcasting
12:45am – Hermitude

Not the BBC or PBS, Public Service Broadcasting (QRO photos at a festival) use samples from old public information films & propaganda material to, “Teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future.”

The Delancey (upstairs), 168 Delancey St.
Public Service BroadcastingParty Guide Records

DROM, 85 Avenue A (QRO venue review)
International Hip Hop Night
Devon Tracy
Cookin Vinyl
1:00am – MANGA

Ella, 9 Avenue A
7:00pm – Everest Cale
8:00pm – Black Wing Halo
9:00pm – Thee, Idea Men
10:00pm – Buy The Sky
11:00pm – Wild Rompit
12:00am – PUBLIC

Fat Baby, 112 Rivington St.
Music From Ireland
8:00pm – Slow Skies
9:00pm – Cat Dowling
10:00pm – We Cut Corners
11:00pm – Enemies
Tift Merritt12:00am – Kid Karate

The Flat, 308 Hooper St.
7:30pm – Glass Gang
8:15pm – Left Right
9:00pm – Lurve
9:45pm – Monogold
10:30pm – Young Rapids

Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave. (free) (QRO venue review)
Gorilla vs. Bear/Yourstruly
Tei Shi
Sapphire Slows
12:00am – Shy Girls
The Range
Lee Bannon

Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd St. (QRO venue review)
6:00pm – AJR
6:45pm – Heavy English
7:30pm – Wild Child
8:15pm – NGHBRS
9:00pm – Neon Hitch
9:45pm – Joywave
10:30pm – Diane Birch

Christopher Paul StellingGrand Victory, 245 Grand St. (unofficial)
Brixton Agency/MezzoForte Productions
4:30pm – Two Inch Astronaut
4:30pm – Teen Death
5:15pm – Desert Sharks
6:00pm – Midnight Reruns
6:45pm – Wild Adriatic
7:30pm – Kal Marks
8:15pm – Ovlov
9:00pm – Greys
9:45pm – Dads
10:30pm – Pity Sex

Henry, a Liquor Bar, 356 W 58th St. (unofficial)
Communion Music
7:00pm – James Bay (acoustic)
7:40pm – Bad Sun (acoustic)
8:30pm – Caveman (acoustic)

Highline Ballroom, 431 West 16th St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Tift Merritt
8:45pm – Over the Rhine

Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. (QRO venue review)
Totally Gross National Product
8:00pm – Umami
9:00pm – Pony Bwoy
10:00pm – Lizzo
11:00pm – The Cloak Ox
12:00am – P.O.S.
1:00amMarijuana Deathsquads

A founder of hip-hop collective Doomtree (QRO photos at a festival), Stefon Alexander has also worked in punk bands like Building Better Bombs & Marijuana Deathsquads, but comes to the festival also as his underground hip-hop alter ego, P.O.S. (QRO photos at a festival).

Left Field, 87 Ludlow St.
7:00pm – Mideau
P.O.S.7:45pm – Fan-Tan
8:30pm – Magic Bronson
9:15pm – Trumpeter Swan
10:00pm – Tan Vampires
10:45pm – Steel Phantoms
11:30pm – Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party

Left Field (downstairs), 87 Ludlow St.
8:30pm – Tokyo Taboo
9:30pm – Dulcinea Detwah
10:00pm – Brittany Campbell

Legion, 790 Metropolitan Ave.
Haerts Bleeds Radio
8:00pm – Heavy Birds
8:45pm – The Meaning of Life
9:30pm – FAN-TAN
10:15pm – Big Quiet
11:00pm – EULA
12:00am – Wet Water
12:40am – Savants

Somewhere between irresistible dance beats and unforgettable no wave guitar lies EULA (QRO album review).

Lilium, 201 Park Ave S (RSVP)
EULARome Fortune

Lit Lounge, 93 2nd Ave. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Enola Fall
8:45pm – Bored Nothing
9:30pm – The ACBs
10:15pm – Bethesda
11:00pm – FLAGSHIP

Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. (QRO venue review)
BOOM Collective
7:00pm – Jamaican Queens
8:00pm – Julia Easterlin
9:00pm – Lisa Alma
10:00pm – John Murray
11:00pm – Conway

Living Room, 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
6:15pm – Joanna Wang
Wild Moccasins7:00pm – Rocket & The Ghost
7:45pm – Norman Vladimir
8:40pm – Christopher Paul Stelling
9:15pm – Ruby The Rabbitfoot
10:00pm – New Madrid
11:00pm – Wild Moccasins
12:00am – Yip Deceiver
1:00am – White Violet

QRO’s favorite Houston outfit Wild Moccasins (QRO live review) play CMJ. The collective of kids weren’t old enough to drink when they came out with their debut full-length, Skin Collusion Past (QRO review), but have grown up (QRO interview), with a new album coming out (QRO spotlight on).

Living Room (upstairs), 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
7:30pm – Hungry Lake
9:30pm – Katy Glorioso
10:30pm – Nicole Mercedes
11:30pm – Streets of Laredo
12:00am – Tiny ruins
12:00am – Aoife O’Donovan

Marlin Room at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St.
Skateboard Marketing
6:00pm – Lydia Can’t Breathe
6:30pm – Fit For An Autopsy
7:10pm – New Years Day
8:00pm – Stolen Babies
9:05pm – OTEP

Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave.
6:00pm – Scary Cherry & The Bang Bangs
6:45pm – Isle of Rhodes
Here We Go Magic7:30pm – The Breakfast Machine
8:15pm – Cadaver Dogs
9:00pm – The Battery Electric
9:45pm – The Tye Trybe
10:30pm – The Phuss
11:15pm – Midnight Spin

McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th St.
8:00pm – Holychild
9:00pm – Firehorse
10:00pm – Here We Go Magic
11:00pm – Nicole Atkins (DJ set)

Yet another Brooklyn indie success story is Here We Go Magic (QRO photos at a festival). Luke Temple’s outfit (QRO photos) has enchanted crowds & critics with its mixture of alt-folk and hazy electronica, most recently with 2010’s Pigeons (QRO review) and last year’s Different Ship.

Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston St. (QRO venue review)
Windish Agency
7:00pm – John Murry
8:00pm – Wilsen
9:00pm – Bad Suns
10:00pm – GEMS
11:00pm – Dan Croll
12:00am – Black Light Dinner Party
1:00am – Cardiknox

Moscot Gallery, 118 Orchard St. (RSVP)
Nick Waterhouse

Raw, rhythmic and exciting rhythm ‘n’ blues from California comes in the form of Nick Waterhouse. Debut album Time’s All Gone mixes classic R&B with modern day influences.

Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St. (official or RSVP)
10:00pm – Sharkmuffin

Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Rathborne
8:45pm – PAPA
9:30pm – Rose Windows
10:30pm – The Head and The Heart

Pretty recently, things have been seriously booming for The Head and The Heart (QRO photos at a festival). The Seattle alt-folk/pop band (QRO photos outdoors) was signed by Sub Pop (QRO photos outdoors), named their city’s best new band (QRO live review) by Seattle Weekly, opened for everybody from Dave Matthews (QRO live review) to Death Cab for Cutie (QRO album review), and even played Conan (QRO Indie on Late Night TV)!

Output, 74 Wythe Ave.
AM Only
The Head and The Heart10:00pm – Just Blaze
10:00pm – Oliver

Paperbox, 17 Meadow St.
8:40pm – The Dust Engineers
8:45pm – Northern Faces
9:00pm – Gates
9:20pm – American Party Machine
9:45pm – Have Mercy
10:00pm – The Recordettes
10:30pm – Young Statues
10:40pm – Raccoon Fighter
11:15pm – NGHBRS
11:20pm – Room Full of Strangers
12:00am – The Can’t Tells
12:40am – Huff This! a.k.a. Girl Head

Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St.
Show & Tell
9:30pm – The Dewars
10:30pm – Half Undressed
11:30pm – Wake Up
12:30am – The Band in Heaven

Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Riot Act Media/Team Love Records
5:00pm – Norwegian Arms
5:40pm – Spaceships
6:20pm – Shelby Earl
7:00pm – Jay Arner
7:40pm – Torres
Miwi La Lupa
Andrea Tomasi
Woods Broderick
Peter & Heather
Last Good Tooth

The TontonsPiano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (QRO venue review)
Frenchkiss Records
7:00pm – Dream Boys
7:45pm – Rey Pila
8:30pm – Shark Week
9:15pm – Dream Shake
10:00pm – Tweens
10:45pm – The Band in Heaven
11:30pm – Rathborne
12:15am – Drowners
1:00am – special guest

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Holy Underground Records
7:00pm – Alec Benjamin
7:45pm – Body Parts
8:30pm – Elizabeth Rose
10:00pm – Real Magic
10:45pm – Brothertiger

The Raven, 55 Gansevoort St.
10:00pm – City Riots

Helio SequenceRock Shop, 249 4th Ave. (QRO venue review)
Ellestock/Long Trail Brewing Company
Eric French and Mr. Hyde
12:00am – These Animals
12:00am – Sleep Study
11:00pm – Old Monk
12:00am – The Grownup Noise
12:00am – Golden Bloom
12:00am – Virtual CH

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Flux Studios
5:00pm – Jeff Campbell & Megan Stankard
6:00pm – Mark Wilkinson
7:00pm – Landshapes
8:00pm – Badboxes
9:00pm – Lil & The Parlour Tricks
10:00pm – Aaron Lee Tasjan
11:00pm – Aabaraki
12:00am – Mandolin Orange

Get funky with Aabaraki (QRO photos).

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Noise Collective/Monkey Rock
AabarakiBrendan Rivera
6:00pm – Such Hounds
6:45pm – Junior Prom
7:30pm – The Static Jacks
9:00pm – Nick Hakim
10:00pm – Lyle Divinsky
11:00pm – Jennah Bell

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 3), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
7:00pm – Matt Sucich
8:00pm – Tiny Ruins
9:00pm – James Bay
10:00pm – The Saint Johns
11:00pm – Carte Blanche

S.O.B.’s, 204 Varick St.
11:00pm – Tayo
11:20pm – Lylit
11:30pm – Sisqo
12:00am – Mucho Deniro
12:30am – Bebe O’Hare
1:00am – Jazmin Sisters
1:30am – Eric Bellinger
2:00am – Phranchyze
Menomena2:15am – Oxymorrons
2:45am – G4SHI
3:15am – Black Sheep

Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St. (QRO venue review)
Neon Gold Records
7:00pm – Claire
7:30pm – Night Terrors of 1927
8:00pm – The Preatures
8:30pm – Panama Wedding
9:00pm – Morning Parade
9:30pm – Wet
10:00pm – Kodaline
10:30pm – Magic Man
11:00pm – Haerts
11:30pm – Lovelife
12:00am – Little Daylight
12:00am – CK Kidtronik
12:30am – The Griswolds

Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. (free) (QRO venue review)
Impose Magazine/Terroreyes
Guardian Alien10:00pm – SISU
8:30pm – Odonis Odonis
Guardian Alien
YC The Cynic
Wreck and Reference
Billy Woods

Drummer Greg Fox has rotated collaborators in his experimental noise-rock outfit, Guardian Alien.

Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave. (unofficial)
Panache Booking/Calico Corp
Gem Trails
Zacht Automaat
Home Comfort
Slim Twig
10:00pm – U.S. Girls

Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St.
Glassnote Records
8:30pm – Foy Vance
9:30pm – Half Moon Run

Montreal’s young trio Half Moon Run (QRO photos) come to CMJ after the American release of their debut Dark Eyes (QRO review), and touring cross-country with Metric (QRO live review with Half Moon Run).

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (QRO venue review)
Jamaican QueensDeli Mag
8:00pm – Heeney
8:30pm – Dead Stars
9:00pm – Slonk Donkerson
9:40pm – People’s Champ
10:30pm – Sway Machinery
11:30pm – EMEFE
12:30am – Mammal Dap

St. Vitus, 186 Bedford Ave.
Invisible Orange
11:30pm – Pelican

The Standard East Village (Chez Andre), 25 Cooper Sq. (RSVP)
Olivier Libaux
Steve Nieve & Tall Ulysse

The Studio at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (QRO venue review)
Photo Finish
7:45pm – Matt Galle (DJ set)
8:15pm – Clinton Sparks (DJ set/performance)
9:00pm – Brick + Mortar
10:00pm – Misterwives

Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan St.
Berklee/Heavy Rotation
The Darcys8:00pm – The Hello Strangers
8:45pm – Shun Ng
9:30pm – Sylvana Joyce & The Moment
10:15pm – Sirma
11:00pm – Miko & The Musket
11:45pm – Red Oblivion
12:30am – Numasbala

Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard St. (official or RSVP)
Texas Takeover
6:00pm – The Migrant
7:00pm – Wild Moccasins
8:00pm – Megafauna
9:00pm – Emily Bell
10:00pm – The Tontons
11:00pm – Wild Child
12:00am – Quiet Company
1:00am – Ishi

Terminal 5, 610 West 56th St. (QRO venue review)
12:00am – Wild Cub

Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st St.
Wild CubBehind The Facade
12:00am – Jump For The Sails
12:00am – Nobody Takes Vegas
12:00am – He Is Legend
12:00am – Die A Hero

Trash Bar, 256 Grand St.
Wreckroom Records
8:00pm – Eureka California
9:00pm – traumahelikopter
10:00pm – Criminal Hygiene
11:00pm – Controller
12:00am – Von Shakes
12:00am – Mal Blum
12:00am – White Dynomite
12:00am – Slothrust
12:00am – Isadora Barkhouse

Dutch energetic garage band traumahelikopter combines lo-fi psychedelia and punk.

RatkingTribeca Grand, 2 6th Ave. (RSVP)  (QRO venue review)
Nicky Digital/NinjaTune Records
Village Psychic
Such Hounds
Junior Prom
SPF 5000

Tribeca Grand, 2 6th Ave. (RSVP)  (QRO venue review)
11:00pm – The Large
11:00pm – Jubilee
11:00pm – Dre Skull
11:00pm – Ricky Blaze
11:00pm – Mr. Vegas

Union Hall, 702 Union St. (QRO venue review)
7:30pm – Benjamin Cartel
8:30pm – Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang
9:30pm – Enemy Planes
10:30pm – Cold Blood Club
11:30pm – Old Monk

Nick WaterhouseUnion Pool, 484 Union Ave. (QRO venue review)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
8:00pm – Worthless
9:00pm – Coke Weed
10:00pm – Prince Rupert Drops
11:00pm – Velcro Lewis Group

Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (QRO venue review)
The Helio Sequence
6:00pm – Pattern Is Movement
12:00am – Lee Fields & The Expressions
12:00am – Nick Waterhouse

Acclaimed Portland experimental indie duo Menomena (QRO live review) come to CMJ (QRO photos at a festival) off of last year’s Moms, their latest since 2010’s Mines (QRO review) and 2007’s Friend and Foe (QRO review).

While their last full-length was 2008’s Keep Your Eyes Ahead (QRO review), wherein singer/guitarist Brandon Summers lost his voice and relearned to sing, guitar-and-drums two-piece The Helio Sequence, from Beaverton, OR (QRO photos at a festival), knows how to fill a stage (QRO photos at a festival), and last year released the new Negotiations – just keep an eye on drummer Benjamin Weikel’s goofy faces (QRO photos).

Known for their soulful and R&B styled vignettes, Lee Fields & The Expressions is the collective from Brooklyn, NY (QRO photos outdoors in Brooklyn).  Drawing inspirations from the likes of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, it’s as if taking a trip down memory lane to the Motown Era.  They have toured across the world so make sure to catch them at High Sierra.

Raw, rhythmic and exciting rhythm ‘n’ blues from California comes in the form of Nick Waterhouse. Debut album Time’s All Gone mixes classic R&B with modern day influences.

Westway, 75 Clarkson St.
8:00pm – Dinosaur Bones

Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave. (RSVP)
4:30pm – PAPA
6:00pm – Little Daylight
7:30pm – Dan Croll
9:00pm – Belle Mare


And here’s a handy map of all the participating venues:

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