CMJ 2013 Preview – Tuesday

CMJ kicks off on Tuesday, October 15th in New York....
CMJ 2013 Preview

CMJ 2013 Preview - Tuesday

The government may be shut down and the U.S. about to go into default, but the band plays on, even on The Titanic. So head to New York, Tuesday-to-Saturday, October 15th to 19th, for CMJ. QRO’s got your schedule for you, including both official & unofficial shows, free, RSVP, etc.


QRO Recommendation


Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. (free) (QRO venue review)
2:00pm – Gossling
3:00pm – Cub Sport
ARMS4:00pm – Ballpark Music
5:00pm – City Riots
6:00pm – Geoffrey O’Connor

Living Room, 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Paper Garden Records
1:00pm – Gold Lake
2:00pm – Stone Cold Fox
3:00pm – SW/MM/NG
4:00pm – The City And Horses
5:00pm – ARMS
6:00pm – Vadoimessico

To kick off your CMJ, check out the Paper Gardens Records showcase at Living Room, including recent signee ARMS (QRO album review).

Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Banners/What Blog
10:45am – Saint Rich
1:00pm – Owel
1:45pm – traumahelikopter
2:30pm – Conjjjecture
3:15pm – The Box Tiger
4:00pm – Beach Day
4:45pm – Ghost Wave
5:30pm – Milagres
6:15pm – Indevotion

Dutch energetic garage band traumahelikopter combines lo-fi psychedelia and punk.

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Southern Exposure
1:00pm – Ginger & The Ghost
1:50pm – Oscar Key Sung
2:40pm – Cub Sport
3:30pm – Elizabeth Rose
4:20pm – The Delta Riggs
5:10pm – Gossling
6:00pm – The Griswolds

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
12:00pm – Paul Tabchneck
traumahelikopter12:30pm – Shelly Bhushan
1:00pm – Sweet Soubrette
1:30pm – Lindsay Dragan
2:00pm – Niall Connolly
2:30pm – Adnan Sabir
3:00pm – Julie Kathryn
3:30pm – Another Dead Clown

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (free) (QRO venue review)
1:00pm – Dorine Levy
2:00pm – David Tanksleftsky
3:00pm – Luluc
4:00pm – The Never Evers
5:00pm – Craig Martinson



Above Allen, 190 Allen St.
One Little Indian Records/Icelandic Airwaves
9:00pm – Àsgeir
9:45pm – special guest

Alphabet Lounge, 104 Avenue C
7:00pm – David D’Alession
7:45pm – Johnnie Lee Jordan
8:30pm – StaG
9:15pm – Thorcraft Cobra
The History of Apple Pie10:00pm – Shady Elders

Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St. (QRO venue review)
Young Giant
7:00pm – Legs Like Tree Trunks
7:45pm – How Sad
9:15pm – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
10:15pm – The Lonely Wild
11:15pm – Cold Fronts
12:15am – Nevada Color

Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway (unofficial)
1:00am – Jamaican Queens

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Saint Rich
9:00pm – Wet
10:00pm – Teen
11:00pm – Sondre Lerche

Talkhouse, the new online magazine by noted music writer Michael Azerrad (QRO book review), has its first CMJ showcase, headlined by Sondre Lerche (QRO live review).

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery (official/free)
The Outlet Collective
4:30pm – Ula Ruth
Sondre Lerche5:10pm – Whale Belly
5:50pm – Poor Remy
6:30pm – Tam Lin
7:10pm – Cold Blood Club
7:50pm – Marco Argiro
8:30pm – Animal Years
9:10pm – Graveyard Lovers
9:50pm – Dough Rollers
10:30pm – Bushwick Hotel
11:10pm – Motive
11:50pm – Von Shakes
12:30am – Slim Wray

Bowery Electric Map Room, 327 Bowery (official/free)
L Rock Entertainment
6:15pm – Jessica Caplan
7:00pm – Lisa Blanco
7:45pm – Stevie & The Lion
8:30pm – Chris Ayer
9:15pm – Tanner Walle
10:00pm – Zac Smith Band
10:45pm – Christina LaRocca
11:30pm – The Broken Crowns

Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave. (CMJ badge or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
Conflict of Interest
6:00pm – Yip Deceiver (DJ set – first hour and between all bands)
7:00pm – Cut Copy (listening session)
8:00pm – Conway
9:00pm – Lucius
10:00pm – Cults
11:00pm – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

The New York Times described Lucius as “The next Feist” (QRO live review) – even if you don’t believe everything The Grey Lady says, be sure to check them out (QRO photos at a festival).

When Cults (QRO photos) broke out in 2010 with infectious single “We Go Outside”, they’d achieved the near impossible: being famous without anyone knowing anything about them (QRO photos). Since then, the wall of silence has broken down (QRO photos), with the catchy sixties male/female duo recruiting a band (QRO photos at a festival), playing South-by-Southwest (QRO photos), and signing to major label Sony for 2011’s Cults (QRO review). But even if you’ve got a face (QRO photos) to put to the un-Google-able name (QRO photos at a festival), they’re still a hook-laden band (QRO photos at a festival), who come to CMJ behind their just-out follow-up, Static.

Detroit’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (QRO photos at a festival) combined electro-rock with endorsement-patched jumpsuits (QRO photos) on 2011 debut, It’s a Corporate World (QRO review) – though they dress more regular (QRO photos at a festival) for follow-up, The Speed of Things, out the week before CMJ begins.

Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. (QRO venue review)
Ernest Jennings Record Co./Arts & Crafts Records
7:00pm – Trummors
8:30pm – Daytona
9:30pm – Grandchildren
10:30pm – MiniBoone
11:30pm – Wild Yaks
12:00am – The Darcys

Labels Ernest Jennings and Arts & Crafts team up, including QRO favorite MiniBoone (QRO live review).

Cameo, 93 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
Oh My Rockness
MiniBoone7:00pm – Big Ups
8:00pm – Greys
9:00pm – Ovlov
10:00pm – PUP
11:00pm – Kirin J Callinan
12:00am – Hunters

The Cutting Room, 44 East 32nd St.
Women Rock
8:00pm – Sarah Tracey
8:00pm – Jaquita May
8:00pm – Claire London
8:00pm – Nancy Danino

Death by Audio, 49 S 2nd St. (unofficial) (QRO venue review)
9:00pm – Jamaican Queens

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St. (official/free)
Deli Mag
7:00pm – Candide
7:50pm – Night Panther
8:40pm – Denitia and Sene
8:40pm – White Prism
10:20pm – Brothertiger
11:10pm – In The Valley Below
12:00am – Cold Blood Club
12:00am – Wake Up
12:50am – Bright Future

The Delancey (upstairs), 168 Delancey St. (official/free)
Deli Mag
Milagres7:15pm – Goste
8:00pm – New Myths
8:45pm – Erin Barra
9:30pm – Party Supplies
10:00pm – Loveskills
11:00pm – Futurebrite
11:45pm – Infinity Shred
12:30am – Twin Wave

DROM, 85 Avenue A (QRO venue review)
The Couch Sessions
8:30pm – DJ Run P
9:10pm – Nicholas Ryan Gant
9:40pm – Danielle Parente
10:15pm – Osekre & The Lucky Bastards
11:00pm – Black Alley
11:35pm – Jennah Bell

Ella, 9 Avenue A
Melody Noel
Janelle Kroll
Justin Stein
Kiah Victoria

LuciusFat Baby, 112 Rivington St.
7:00pm – Birth of Joy
8:00pm – Instrumenti
9:00pm – Royston Vasie
10:00pm – Les Racquet
11:00pm – Butchers and Bakers

The Flat, 308 Hooper St.
8:00pm – Mister Suit
8:45pm – Grand Resort
9:30pm – Jangula
10:15pm – Napoleon

Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – The Ricecookers
9:00pm – Rattlesnake Hyde
10:00pm – Full Service
11:15pm – Skotch Davis

Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave. (QRO venue review)
8:20pm – Beach Day
9:00pm – J Fernandez
Mark Lanegan10:00pm – Wardell
11:00pm – Dan Croll

Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Sean Wheeler
8:45pm – Zander Schloss
9:45pm – Mark Lanegan

While he first got notice fronting should-have-been-huge, “Nearly Lost You There” grunge act Screaming Trees, then found work in Queens of the Stone Age (QRO album review), Mark Lanegan (QRO live review) comes to CMJ behind his new solo cover album, Imitations.

Grand Victory, 245 Grand St.
Rocky Road Touring/Scenic
7:00pm – Happy Hollows
8:00pm – Supercute!
9:00pm – Juliette Commagere
10:00pm – Son of Stan
12:00am – Max Low
12:00am – New Beard
12:00am – Versus Narrow
12:00am – Electric Lights
12:00am – Sad and French

Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Pl. (QRO venue review)
12:00am – Example

U.K. rapper Elliot John Gleave – a.k.a. Example, a.k.a. ‘E.G.’ (abbreviation of ‘exempli grata’, or ‘for example’) – just married Australian model & actress Erin McNaught, so expect him to be in particularly high spirits at CMJ.

Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. (QRO venue review)
Most Definitely
7:00pm – Badboxes
Example7:45pm – Night Drive
8:30pm – Story of The Running Wolf
9:15pm – ASTR
10:00pm – Bad Suns
10:45pm – Joywave
11:45pm – Little Daylight
12:30am – Strange Talk

Le Baron, 32 Mulberry St.  (RSVP)
Is Tropcial (DJ set)
The Deep DJs
That Work

(le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
New Zealand
6:00pm – Tiny Ruins
6:35pm – Black City Lights
7:10pm – Eden Mulholland
7:45pm – Streets Of Laredo
8:20pm – Ghost Wave

Check out new music from the home of Middle Earth & Flight of the Conchords (QRO live review), New Zealand.

Left Field, 87 Ludlow St. (official/free)
7:00pm – Marc Baker
7:45pm – Satellite Hearts
8:30pm – Cheers Elephant
9:15pm – The Loom
10:00pm – Eden Mulholland
10:45pm – Imaginary People
Cults11:30pm – Walking Shapes
12:15am – The Anti-Job

Left Field (downstairs), 87 Ludlow St.
8:00pm – Ray Mazza & The Guitar Bandits
9:00pm – Genocide Smile
10:00pm – Single Red Cent

Legion, 790 Metropolitan Ave.
7:00pm – Wet Paint
7:45pm – Starina
8:30pm – Sideasideb
9:15pm – Hippy
10:00pm – The Brooklyn What
10:45pm – Sharkmuffin

Lit Lounge, 93 2nd Ave. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Bowmont
8:45pm – Elizabeth Rose
9:30pm – White Like Fire
10:15pm – IZA
11:00pm – City Riots

Wild YaksLiving Room, 154 Ludlow St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – The Bongos
9:15pm – Lennings
10:00pm – Quiet Company
10:45pm – Black Boys
11:30pm – Popular Culture
12:15am – my education

Living Room (upstairs), 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
7:30pm – The Woodrow Wilsons
7:30pm – Andrew St James
8:30pm – Christine Sulik
9:30pm – Ty Maxon
11:30pm – Ashleigh Mannix
12:00am – Let’s Buy Happiness
12:15am – The Lowry Sisters

Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave.
8:00pm – Clouty
8:45pm – Eastern Hollows
9:30pm – Grand Resort
10:15pm – Kissing is a Crime
11:00pm – Shilpa Ray
12:15am – Golden Bloom

GlasserMercury Lounge, 217 East Houston St. (QRO venue review)
7:00pm – Mystery Skulls
8:00pm – Panama Wedding
9:00pm – NONONO

Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St.
Campers’ Rule Records
8:00pm – Hippy
9:00pm – Spirit Plate
10:00pm – Norwegian Arms
11:00pm – Caged Animals
12:00am – Radical Dads

Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
True Panther
8:30pm – Kelela
8:30pm – Lil Jabba
9:00pm – Kirin J Callinan
8:30pm – Empress Of
10:30pm – Glasser

Cameron Mesirow’s Glasser (QRO photos) is the daughter of a member of the Blue Man Group and a member of minor New Wave hit Human Sexual Response, with a musical style somewhere between prog-rock and krautrock (QRO photos at a festival), if you can picture that (QRO photos at a festival).

The Paper Box, 17 Meadow St. (unofficial)
11:30pm – Heliotropes
Yip DeceiverThe Skins
Friend Roulette
Invisible Days
Spirit Vine

Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. (QRO venue review)
7:00pm – Bird To Prey
8:00pm – Mara O’Connor
9:00pm – OK Sweetheart
10:00pm – Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass
11:00pm – Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (official or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
Banners/The Wild Honey Pie
7:00pm – Dream Shake
7:45pm – Echo Friendly
8:30pm – COIN
9:15pm – Total Slacker
10:00pm – Spires
11:30pm – Courtney Barnett
12:15am – Ace Reporter
1:00am – Tropic of Pisces

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
Banners/The Wild Honey Pie
Christopher Paul Stelling7:30pm – South of France
8:15pm – Highs
9:00pm – Bored Nothing
9:45pm – Honduras
10:30pm – How Sad

Ran Tea House, 269 Kent Ave.
Force Field PR
8:00pm – Weaves
8:35pm – Geoffrey O’Connor
9:10pm – Body Parts
9:55pm – Free Time
10:40pm – Celestial Shore
11:25pm – The History of Apple Pie
12:10am – Joanna Gruesome

The Raven, 55 Gansevoort St.
10:00pm – Holy Esque

Rock Shop, 249 4th Ave. (QRO venue review)
Crash Avenue PR/Mecca Lecca Records
7:00pm – SWF
7:45pm – Christopher Paul Stelling
8:30pm – Howth
9:15pm – Dinosaur Bones
10:00pm – The Darcys
10:45pm – Unicycle Loves You
11:30pm – Elder/Brother

Catch up-and-coming PR company Crash Avenue & up-and-coming label Mecca Lecca at their joint showcase, including QRO favorite Christopher Paul Stelling (QRO album review).

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
5:00pm – Aaron Lopez-Barrantes
6:00pm – Mia Dyson
7:00pm – Chastity Brown
8:00pm – Kate Davis
9:00pm – Jesse Ruben
10:00pm – Michael Daves
11:00pm – And The Kids
12:00am – Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
WFUV/Communion Records
5:00pm – Lucius
6:00pm – Saint Rich
7:00pm – James Bay
8:00pm – Claire
9:00pm – Duologue
10:15pm – U.S. Royalty
11:15pm – Caveman
12:00am – Emmy Wildwood

Caveman (QRO photos at a festival) emerged out of one-half of the tricky to pigeonhole Subjects (QRO spotlight on) with last year’s similarly tough to categorize CoCo Beware (QRO review), but have settled down into an interesting haunt with this year’s self-titled follow-up (QRO review), and come to CMJ after touring with Ra Ra Riot (QRO spotlight on).

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 3), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Flux Studios
7:00pm – Jesse Clegg
Caveman8:00pm – Hannah Winkler
9:00pm – Margaret Glaspy
10:00pm – Amy Vachal
11:00pm – Adrianne Lanker

S.O.B.’s, 204 Varick St.
8:00pm – Leroy Justice
9:00pm – Prata Vetra

Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St. (QRO venue review)
The Chariot
Birds in a Row
To The Wind
Glass Cloud
12:00am – Swizzymack
12:00am – Dirty South Joe
12:00am – Sliink
12:00am – Nadus

Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. (unofficial) (QRO venue review)
Gimme Tinnitus/Ipsum
Low Fat Getting High
Vulture Shit
Hive Bent
WoodkidA Guide To Rational Living

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Handsome Lady Records
7:00pm – Jason Myles Goss
7:45pm – Warren Malone
8:30pm – Easy Tells
9:30pm – Frances Cone
10:00pm – Handsome Lady Records Club
10:30pm – Casey Shea
11:30pm – Apollo Run
12:15am – Danica Dora

Stage 48, 605 West 48th St. (QRO venue review)
The Fabulous Miss Wendy
8:00pm – UFO

The Standard East Village, 25 Cooper Square (RSVP)
7:30pm – Kirin J Callinan
8:00pm – Alec Benjamin
8:45pm – The Silver Palms
9:30pm – Lovelife

The Studio at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (QRO venue review)
Time Out NY/Balcony TV
5:20pm – Satellite
Bear Mountain6:00pm – Lily & The Parlor Tricks
6:40pm – ARMS
7:20pm – The Ugly Club
8:00pm – Seasick Mama
8:45pm – Stone Cold Fox
9:30pm – Sheppard
11:30pm – Computer Magic
12:15am – Bear Mountain
1:30am – Cherub

Electro band Bear Mountain (QRO live review) come to CMJ behind their debut EP XO.

SubCulture, 45 Bleecker St.
7:30pm – Magda Fishman
7:30pm – Mika Hary
7:30pm – Shira Gavrielov

Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan St.
The Photo Moon
Out All Night
Wake Up Paradise
The Band CC
Darling Waste
Tru Fam

Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard St.
12:00am – Hollagramz
12:00am – Frugal Father

Terminal 5, 610 West 56th St. (QRO venue review)
8:30pm – Jesca Hoop
9:00pm – Placebo

Long-standing British alt-rock act Placebo come to CMJ behind their new Loud Like Love.

Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st St.
More Than Fate
PlaceboThe Machinist
Brand Of Julez
12:00am – Mike Pinto
12:00am – DCO
12:00am – Indiego
12:00am – Black Market merchant
12:00am – Mirk

Trash Bar, 256 Grand St.
8:00pm – The Black Shades
9:00pm – Americans UK
10:00pm – The Lad Mags
11:00pm – Wyldlife
12:00am – Blonde Summer

Union Pool, 484 Union Ave. (QRO venue review)
Moon Variety Show

Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Thomas Azier
8:00pm – Woodkid

Besides from being an alternative indie musician, Yoann Lemoine under the moniker, Woodkid, has been the music video director for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, and Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die”. Combing epic orchestral sounds with smooth timbres, Woodkid has already released his EP, Run Boy Run.


And here’s a handy map of all the participating venues:

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