CMJ 2013 Preview – Wednesday

It's Hump Day at CMJ....
CMJ 2013 Preview

CMJ 2013 Preview - Wednesday

The government may be shut down and the U.S. about to go into default, but the band plays on, even on The Titanic. So head to New York, Tuesday-to-Saturday, October 15th to 19th, for CMJ. QRO’s got your schedule for you, including both official & unofficial shows, free, RSVP, etc.


QRO Recommendation


Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th St. (free)
12:00pm – Diego Garcia
Helio Sequence1:00pm – Jesca Hoop
2:00pm – Hunters
3:00pm – Arc Iris
4:00pm – special guest

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery (official/free)
Derek Cruz
4:00pm – Lion & The Mane
4:45pm – Reserved for Rondee
5:30pm – Smokey Robotic
6:30pm – Pillow Theory

Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. (free) (QRO venue review)
Terrorbird Publicity
1:30pm – Flashlights
2:30pm – Tunde Olariran
3:30pm – Coke Weed
4:30pm – TEEN
5:30pm – special guest

Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square S (official/free)
10:00am – Bear Ceuse
12:00pm – Cub Sport
2:00pm – Weekend
4:30pm – The Helio Sequence

Seattle indie radio station extraordinaire KEXP has free broadcast performances at Judson Memorial Church throughout CMJ.

Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Kanine Records/SESAC
2:00pm – The History of Apple Pie
2:45pm – The Valleys
The History of Apple Pie3:30pm – Joanna Gruesome
4:15pm – Beach Day
5:00pm – Bleeding Rainbow
5:45pm – Eagulls
6:30pm – Eternal Summers

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Five Dollar Nacho
1:30pm – Eden Mulholland
2:15pm – Luluc
3:00pm – Misun
3:45pm – Bonzie
4:30pm – Float Fall
5:15pm – In the Valley Below
6:00pm – Jamaican Queens

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
12:15pm – Erin Barra
1:00pm – Margot MacDonald
1:45pm – Avidya & The Kiesha’s
2:30pm – Butcher Knives
Weekend3:15pm – Mary Alouette
5:45pm – Lora Faye
6:30pm – Dark North

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (free) (QRO venue review)
12:30pm – Shady Elders
1:15pm – The Tye Trybe
2:00pm – Crush Distance
2:45pm – Cadaver Dogs
3:30pm – The Phuss
4:15pm – STRNGRS
5:00pm – Black Wing Halo



Alphabet Lounge, 104 Avenue C
7:00pm – Julia Weldon
7:45pm – Madison Cano
8:30pm – The Royal Drag
9:15pm – Colwell
Bear Mountain10:00pm – sua

Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St. (QRO venue review)
Canadian Blast
7:00pm – Ben Caplan
8:00pm – Bear Mountain
9:00pm – Born Gold
10:00pm – Courage My Love
11:00pm – The Motorleague

Have a Blast from up north in Canadian acts like Bear Mountain (QRO live review).

B.B. King’s, 237 W 42nd St.
7:00pm – Soulfly/Havok

Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway (unofficial)
Terrible Records
12:00am – Kirin J Callinan

Best Buy Theater, 1515 Broadway
7:00pm – Between the Buried And Me

Raleigh heavy metal band Between the Buried and Me (QRO photos) come to CMJ behind last year’s The Parallax II; Future Sequence.

Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St. (QRO venue review)
7:00pm – Basic Vacation
Between the Buried and Me8:00pm – Panama Wedding
9:00pm – Night Terrors of 1927
10:00pm – Alpine
11:00pm – Kodaline
12:00am – Magic Man
1:00am – Basecamp

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery
Tijuana Gift Shop PR
8:30pm – Amy Lynn & The Gun Show
9:20pm – These Animals
10:10pm – Mia Dyson
11:00pm – Firehorse
11:50pm – Wake Island
12:40am – Pool Cosby

Bowery Electric Map Room, 327 Bowery
Old Soul Revival
5:30pm – Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne
6:00pm – The Royal Oui
7:00pm – North Of Nashville
7:30pm – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
8:00pm – And The Kids
Half Moon Run9:00pm – Lynette Williams
9:30pm – Kevin Salem
10:30pm – Vinnie Ferra
11:30pm – James Ruff

The Bowery Hotel, 355 Bowery (RSVP)
it’s a school night
7:30pm – Bonzie
8:30pm – Claire
9:30pm – The Preatures
10:30pm – Half Moon Run
11:30pm – Mystery Skulls
12:30am – Austin Brown

Montreal’s young trio Half Moon Run (QRO photos) come to CMJ after the American release of their debut Dark Eyes (QRO review), and touring cross-country with Metric (QRO live review with Half Moon Run).

The Box, 189 Chrystie St. (official/free)
British Music Council
7:30pm – Prides
The Sounds8:45pm – Duologue
9:30pm – Morning Parade

Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave. (QRO venue review)
All Things Go
7:15pm – Misun
8:00pm – GEMS
8:45pm – Lovelife
9:30pm – COIN
10:15pm – Little Daylight
11:15pm – The Sounds

Of the ‘The Bands’ in garage revival of earlier this century/millennium, while Sweden’s The Sounds (QRO spotlight on) may not have the most inventive sound, the band (QRO photos) – fronted by frontwoman extraordinaire Maja Ivarsson – is electric live (QRO live review). They come to CMJ behind their new, just-out Weekend.

Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. (QRO venue review)
Arts & Crafts Records
8:00pm – Lowell
9:00pm – Still Life Still
10:00pm – Gold & Youth
11:00pm – Zeus

Toronto’s own Still Life Still has stretched one studio album further than a lot of musicians push their whole careers. Months before their first record – Girls Come Too (QRO review) – hit the shelves, the expansive indie rockers had already lined up Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene (QRO spotlight on) to produce. Factor in a record deal with Arts & Crafts, a spectacular live show (QRO live review), and their recent follow-up Mourning Trance, one thing becomes clear: despite their short discography, they Canadian quintet are poised to shine at CMJ (QRO photos at a festival).

Bringing the seventies rock is Toronto’s own Zeus (QRO photos at a Canadian festival). They’ve previously served as backing band to Jason Collett (QRO photos with Collett at a festival) and did great work with Collett on the ‘Bonfire Ball Revue’ tour (QRO live review), but know how to do it all on their own, like on last year’s Busting Visions and 2010’s Say Us (QRO review).

Cameo, 93 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
Mexican Summer Records/Kanine Records/Carpark Records
7:00pm – Jawbone
Still Life Still7:50pm – Mood Rings
8:40pm – Bleeding Rainbow
9:30pm – Quilt
10:20pm – Teen
11:00pm – Eternal Summers
12:00am – Korallreven (DJ set)

Coco 66, 66 Greenpoint Ave. (RSVP)
POW-TV.NET/Get Signed Magazine
Driicky Graham
Maliibu Miitch
Audra The Rapper
Sean Falyon
Chill Moody
Bizzy Crook
Ryshon Jones
Krown Royale

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St.
Eagulls7:00pm – Honey Wild
8:00pm – James Wallace
9:00pm – Jay Stolar
10:00pm – Strange Talk
11:00pm – Et Tu Bruce
12:00am – Sleepyhead
1:00am – Spirit Animal

The Delancey (upstairs), 168 Delancey St.
9:00pm – Shaken and Stirred Burlesque

DROM, 85 Avenue A (QRO venue review)
Communion/International Hip-Hop Night
8:00pm – Alberta Cross
8:30pm – The Candles
12:00am – MC Melodie
12:00am – Rude Beats

London’s Alberta Cross have made a major showing there, being part of opening tours for the likes of The Shins (QRO live review) to Oasis. Having since moved to New York (QRO photos at a festival in New York), their blues-influenced alt-rock is getting even closer to home (QRO photos at a festival).

Ella, 9 Avenue A
24 West
6:00pm – The Kickdrums (DJ set)
Alberta Cross8:00pm – Tattoo Money
8:40pm – The Fleeting Ends
9:30pm – Challenger
10:10pm – The Deadmen (featuring Justin Jones)
10:50pm – Deidre & The Dark
11:30pm – Ace Reporter
12:10am – The Canon Logic

Europa, 98 Meserole Ave. (QRO venue review)
Metal Insider
8:00pm – Vattnet Viskar
9:00pm – Ramming Speed
10:00pm – Black Anvil
11:00pm – Byzantine
12:00am – Nachtmystium

Fat Baby, 112 Rivington St.
Tune In Tel Aviv
8:00pm – The Aprons
8:45pm – Dorine Levy
9:30pm – Adi Ulmansky
10:15pm – Optic Yellow Felt
11:30pm – Rebeka

ZeusThe Flat, 308 Hooper St.
7:30pm – Lodro
8:15pm – Habibi
9:00pm – Perfect Pussy
9:45pm – SISU
10:00pm – Total Slacker
10:45pm – Hunters

Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St. (QRO venue review)
The Outlet Collective
7:45pm – Hillary Capps
8:45pm – Emergency Tiara
9:45pm – The Henry Millers
10:45pm – Hello Phones
11:45pm – Building Pictures

Freddy’s, 627 5th Ave.  (free)
Big Picture Media/Isobel Media
8:00pm – Heavy Duty Super Ego
9:00pm – Sol Cat
10:00pm – Johnnie Lee Jordan
11:00pm – Quiet Company

Free Candy, 905 Atlantic Ave. (RSVP)
Red Bull SoundSelect
Pegasus Warning
Emily Bell
Myth Syzer
Porcelain RaftTontons
Wavy Spice
Denitia & Sene
YC The Cynic
Tanya Morgan
Amp Live

Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave. (QRO venue review)
8:45pm – Theo Verney
9:30pm – Porcelain Raft
10:15pm – Courtney Barnett
11:00pm – Eagulls
12:00am – Yuck

Laptop-pop artist Mauro Remiddi (QRO live review) plays all of his own instruments, even live as Porcelain Raft (QRO photos at a festival).

A young band (QRO photos at a festival) on the upswing in terms of hype, but one that deserves it, is Great Britain’s Yuck (QRO live review), who have the kind of skilled-yet-accessible punk (QRO photos at a festival) that’s worked so well for Sonic Youth (QRO live review) & Dinosaur Jr. (QRO live review).

Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd St. (QRO venue review)
6:00pm – Kingswood
Filter6:40pm – Motherfeather
7:20pm – Crobot
8:00pm – We As Human
8:40pm – Otherwise
9:25pm – Red
10:20pm – Filter
12:00am – Wild Child
12:00am – Thrill Call

Veteran outfit Filter (QRO live review) comes to CMJ.

Highline Ballroom, 431 West 16th St. (QRO venue review)
French Music Bureau
8:00pm – Thomas Azier
8:45pm – Selebrities
9:30pm – Lou Doillon
10:30pm – Au Revoir Simone

There isn’t a band as beautiful in appearance or sound as Au Revoir Simone (QRO spotlight on). The trio of Heather D’Angelo, Erika Foster (QRO photos), and Annie Hart (QRO interview) make sweet music, most recently with 2009’s Still Night, Still Light (QRO review) and their new Move In Spectrums (QRO review), out just last month. And songs like “Another Likely Story” (QRO video) and “Take Me As I Am” (QRO video) don’t wilt live (QRO photos outdoors), but flourish (QRO live review).

Home Sweet Home (unofficial)
Nothing Changes
12:30am – King Dude

Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. (QRO venue review)
Panache Booking
8:00pm – Slim Twig
Au Revoir Simone9:00pm – Arp
11:00pm – Saint Rich
11:00pm – US Girls
12:00am – Jacco Gardner
1:00am – Marijuana Deathsquads
1:00am – Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

(le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St. (RSVP) (QRO venue review)
NPR Music
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Omar Souleyman
Pusha T

When Cults (QRO photos) broke out in 2010 with infectious single “We Go Outside”, they’d achieved the near impossible: being famous without anyone knowing anything about them (QRO photos outdoors). Since then, the wall of silence has broken down (QRO photos), with the catchy sixties male/female duo recruiting a band (QRO photos outdoors at a festival), playing South-by-Southwest (QRO photos), and signing to major label Sony for 2011’s Cults (QRO review). But even if you’ve got a face (QRO photos) to put to the un-Google-able name (QRO photos at a festival), they’re still a hook-laden band (QRO photos at a festival), who come to CMJ behind their just-out follow-up, Static.

Celebrate the Arab Spring at CMJ with Omar Souleyman! The Arab/Kurdish musician (QRO photos at a festival) hails from northeastern Syria, a hotbed of today’s brave resistance to the (hopefully) next Mid-East dictator to fall. Thankfully Souleyman’s traditional Middle Eastern music – much of it recorded live at local weddings – has already traveled the world.

Left Field, 87 Ludlow St.
7:00pm – Memoryy
Omar Souleyman7:45pm – Black City Lights
8:30pm – Delta Riggs
9:15pm – Time and Energy
10:00pm – Literature
10:45pm – Megafauna
11:30pm – GODS
12:15am – The Midnight Hollow
12:15am – Holychild

Left Field (downstairs), 87 Ludlow St.
7:00pm – Les Sans Culottes
8:00pm – Madam Robot & The Lust Brigade
9:00pm – The Living Kills
10:00pm – Quitty & The Dont’s
11:00pm – Lex Loser

Legion, 790 Metropolitan Ave. (free)
8:00pm – Josh Sanders
8:45pm – Kate Vargas
9:15pm – Aron Blue & The Bootleggers
10:00pm – Filthiest Nation
10:45pm – Ivan & The Parazols

YuckLit Lounge, 93 2nd Ave. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Lys
8:45pm – CTZNSHP
9:30pm – Castle River
10:15pm – Lonely Wild
11:00pm – WIM

Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. (QRO venue review)
Bancs Media/Kosha Dillz
8:00pm – DJs J Ronin X DJ Lil Ray
8:10pm – Barney Bones
8:30pm – Kyle Rapps
8:55pm – Deca
9:10pm – Illustrate
9:30pm – Oxymorrons
10:00pm – J. Natural
10:25pm – Audra The Rapper
10:45pm – Kosha Dillz
11:10pm – Dee Goodz
11:30pm – Mr. Green
11:50pm – Gangsta Boo (Three 6 Mafia)
12:00am – Diwon

ARMSLiving Room, 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
10:00pm – ARMS
10:45pm – The Delorians
11:30pm – JaLin Roze
12:30am – Born Gold

Living Room (upstairs), 154 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
8:30pm – Luray
9:30pm – Del Water Gap
10:30pm – Gabriela Pepino
11:30pm – AK
12:30am – Alev Lenz

Marlin Room at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St.
6:00pm – Sins of The Loose Buttons
6:40pm – Clementine & The Galaxy
7:20pm – Gone Quite Mad
8:00pm – Tunde Olaniran
8:40pm – Pegasus Warning
9:20pm – Jamaican Queens
10:00pm – Osekre & The Lucky Bastards
10:40pm – Talain
11:20pm – Tontons
12:00am – Hooray for Earth/Zambri (DJ set)

DJ set from in-law acts (and QRO favorites) Hooray For Earth (QRO spotlight on) and Zambri (QRO album review).

Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave.
Green Room Music Source/Jetpack Promotions
8:00pm – Patrick McGrath
The Tontons8:45pm – Sleep Study
9:30pm – Pete Donnelly & The Wise Easy
10:25pm – Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang
11:20pm – Enemy Planes

McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th St.
8:00pm – Charly Bliss
9:00pm – BOYTOY
10:00pm – Juniper Rising
11:00pm – Steady Sun

Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston St. (QRO venue review)
Aquarium Drunkard
7:00pm – Courtney Barnett
7:45pm – Jacco Gardner
8:30pm – Cotton Jones
9:15pm – Zig Zags
10:00pm – Jonathan Rado
10:45pm – Calvin Love
11:30pm – White Denim

From the Netherlands comes neo-psych keyboardist Jacco Gardner, whose debut single “Where You Will Go” was released in garage label Trouble in Mind Records, the same as Ty Segall (QRO album review).

Page France singer/creator Michael Nau began Cotton Jones (QRO photos) as a side-project, but it has since become the Maryland native’s full-time gig, alongside Whitney McGraw.

Out of Austin’s own psychedelic rock scene comes White Denim (QRO live review at home in Austin), but they’re more accessible than most psych-rock (QRO photos), if also correspondingly less inspired (QRO photos at a festival).

Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft, 116 Prince St. (unofficial) (QRO venue review)
The Press House PR
Josh Joplin
White DenimJoseph King
Daughter & Son

Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St.
Father/Daughter Records
6:30pm – Running In The Fog
7:15pm – Mutual Benefit
8:00pm – Flagland
9:00pm – The Everywheres
10:00pm – Bent Shapes
11:00pm – Body Parts
12:00am – Napoleon
12:00am – Lost Boy?
12:00am – Zoo Animal.
12:00am – Life Size Maps
12:00am – Juan Walters

Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th St. (QRO venue review)
Duck Down/Jovatti
9:00pm – Talib Kweli
9:00pm – Cory Mo
9:00pm – Black Moon LIVE backed by Phony Ppl
9:00pm – Meka of 2dopeboyz (DJ set)
9:00pm – T’Nah Apex (Pro Era)
9:00pm – The Underachievers
Jacco Gardner9:00pm – Smif N Wessun (reggae jam session)
9:00pm – Res of Idle Warship

Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. (QRO venue review)
10:00pm – OurGuys
11:00pm – Setting Sun
12:00am – Riot Act
12:00am – Team Love
12:00am – TORRES
12:00am – Norwegian Arms
12:00am – Spaceships
12:00am – Jay Arner
12:00am – Shelby Earl

Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St. (QRO venue review)
Crack In the Road/Disco Naivete
8:00pm – Junior Prom
8:45pm – Baby Alpaca
9:30pm – The Griswolds
10:15pm – Betty Who
11:00pm – ASTR
11:45pm – Panama Wedding
1:15am – Duologue (DJ set)
Shark?2:15am – Pogo (DJ set)

Piano’s (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Old Flame Records
7:00pm – Gross Relations
7:45pm – Joanna Gruesome
8:30pm – SW/MM/NG
9:15pm – The History of Apple Pie
10:00pm – Shark?
10:45pm – Mean Creek

Check out QRO favorites Shark? (QRO photos at a festival).

The Playwright Irish Pub, 27 35th St. (RSVP)
Ryan Cole & The Paper Souls
Wild Rompit
Pindhurst Farms
The Post Nobles

Rock Shop, 249 4th Ave. (QRO venue review)
Hallelujah Blackout/Ellestock/Long Trail Brewing Company
7:30pm – The Motorleague
Cults8:15pm – Edmund II
9:00pm – Mount Sharp
9:45pm – Fixtures
10:30pm – Brett Saxon
11:15pm – The Balconies
12:00am – The Spanish Channel
12:00am – Winchester Local
12:00am – Isle of Rhodes
12:00am – Slim Wray
12:00am – STRNGRS
12:00am – NCM

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Deli Mag
7:15pm – Young Summer
8:00pm – Belle Mare
8:45pm – Julia Easterlin
9:30pm – Joy Kills Sorrow
10:15pm – Oh Honey
11:00pm – Streets of Laredo
11:45pm – Miko & The Musket
12:30am – Howth

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Dell Mag
6:00pm – Steffalloo
6:45pm – Walking Shapes
Cotton Jones7:30pm – Elizabeth & The Catapult
8:20pm – Wilsen
9:15pm – The Canon Logic
10:10pm – The Stationary Set
11:05pm – Rocket & The Ghost
12:00am – Junior Prom
12:00am – Such Hounds
12:00am – Zongo Junction
12:45am – Sleep Kitty
1:00am – Echorev

Rockwood Music Hall (stage 3), 196 Allen St. (official/free) (QRO venue review)
Deli Mag
7:00pm – Zach Hurd
8:00pm – Christopher Paul Stelling
9:00pm – Coby Brown w/ Immy
10:00pm – Jesca Hoop
11:00pm – Bonzie

Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St. (official or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
9:00pm – Vic Mensa
Christopher Paul Stelling9:00pm – The Kid Daytona
9:00pm – Key!
9:00pm – World’s Fair
9:00pm – Bryant Dope
9:00pm – Deniro Farrar
9:00pm – Mr. MFN eXquire

Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. (unofficial) (QRO venue review)
Newton Creek Radio
9:20pm – Calvin Love
Mood Rings
Young Braised

Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave. (free)
Daniel Klag
Interest Group
Gem Trails
Emily Reo
Sea Oleena
White Poppy

Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Ave. (QRO venue review)
7:30pm – Likwuid
8:30pm – The Teen Age
9:30pm – Blue and Gold
10:30pm – Darlings
12:30am – The Suzan

Stage 48, 605 West 48th St. (QRO venue review)
Joe Michelini (of River City Extension)
8:00pm – Glenn Tilbrook (of Squeeze)

DarlingsThe Standard East Village (Chez Andre), 25 Cooper Square
Amazing Radio
8:00pm – Tanya Lam
9:00pm – Andrew Duhon
10:00pm – Royal Teeth

The Studio at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (QRO venue review)
8:30pm – Wardell
9:15pm – The Districts
10:00pm – Prides
10:45pm – Clear Plastic Masks
11:30pm – The Ceremonies
12:15am – Bear Mountain

Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan St.
7:30pm – The Great American Canyon Band
8:30pm – The Midnight Hollow
9:30pm – Mahogany
10:30pm – Life Size Maps
11:30pm – Wolves

Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard St. (official/free)
6:00pm – South of France
6:45pm – StaG
6:45pm – Prism Waves
7:30pm – Shady Elders
7:30pm – CC/NN
Hockey8:15pm – The Epilogues
8:15pm – Prism House
9:00pm – Landshapes
9:00pm – Billy Scher (AM Royalty)
9:45pm – Kitty Crimes
9:45pm – Shy Girls
10:30pm – Brothertiger
10:30pm – Solar Year
11:15pm – FLASH/LIGHTS
11:15pm – Bagheera
12:00am – The Tontons
12:00am – The Migrant
12:00am – Wild Child
12:00am – Ishi
12:00am – Hockey
12:00am – Megafauna
1:00am – TV Girl
1:45am – Real Magic
2:30am – Flying Turns

Terminal 5, 610 West 56th St. (QRO venue review)
8:00pm – Duke Garwood
9:00pm – Savages

The new band of the year for many, the quartet Savages from London comes to beacons (QRO photos at a festival) ready to deliver their thrilling live experience of post-punk and noise, off the release of this year’s Silence Yourself (QRO review).

Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st St.
12:00am – Karma Killer
Savages12:00am – Head For Cover
12:00am – Those Girls
12:00am – Time Will Tell

Trash Bar, 256 Grand St.
8:00pm – Big Brave
9:00pm – My Dear Mycroft
10:00pm – Heavy Birds
11:00pm – The Mystery Lights
12:00am – The Can’t Tells

Union Pool, 484 Union Ave. (QRO venue review)
Team Clermont
7:00pm – Paperhaus
7:45pm – Laser Background
8:30pm – Norwegian Arms
9:30pm – Celestial Shore
10:30pm – Leverage Models
11:30pm – Pattern Is Movement

Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. (official or RSVP) (QRO venue review)
Mass Appeal/Grooveshark
ScHoolboy Q8:30pm – Isaiah Rashad
9:00pm – Cherub
9:30pm – Bishop Nehru
10:10pm – The Bots
10:40pm – A$AP Mob
11:10pm – DJ Sliink
11:50pm – Casey Veggies
12:25am – ScHoolboy Q

Hip-hop artist Quincy Matthew Hanley – a.k.a. ScHoolboy Q – followed up 2011’s acclaimed Setbacks with last year’s Habits & Contradictions.

Westway, 75 Clarkson St.
6:30pm – SSM
7:15pm – The Dolls
8:00pm – Motive
8:45pm – Rush Midnight
9:30pm – Night Drive
10:45pm – Players Ball
11:30pm – Walking Shapes
12:00am – Loveskills
1:00am – The Jillionaire

Wicked Willy’s, 149 Bleecker St.
L Rock Entertainment
6:00pm – Generations
7:00pm – Mariko
8:00pm – The Bailen Brothers
9:00pm – Fulcrum of the Stars
10:00pm – Ballroom Jacks
11:00pm – Lili Rocha


And here’s a handy map of all the participating venues:

View QRO Magazine CMJ Preview in a larger map



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